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The Power of Mom's love

December 3, 2020

Who ever said that it would be easy? It’s life!

You take it for granted, It’s got to act pricey, and so goes the spiral of life. That’s when a pandemic hops in, and the world is in doubt. But, you know who doesn’t lose hope.

The lady of the house, she keeps the home running, she’s someone’s wife, she’s a daughter and a daughter-in-law and she sustains many roles but most importantly she’s the Mother!

Just like  Cloudnine, which never loses hope because here, We know Moms and we feel for moms Like A Mother would feel for her child. All our services are textured around serving the needs of the mother.  

We can very well comprehend the situation in hand as we are in the midst of the tide, extending all our efforts to keep the ship of healthcare sailing even if on troubled waters.  

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We’re currently providing Home vaccinations for babies. We’re also provisioning sample collection facilities from our customers’ homes along with pick-up and drop facilities for emergency cases. Our antenatal online classes are a huge sensation around the nation along with our nutritional and yoga online classes. Our customers have an easy access to connecting with doctors over teleconsultations that we’re offering. We’re leaving no stone unturned to give our best to the mother and child.

Maa, Mom, Mummy, Aayi, Mamma, she’s known by various names, each of which are revered as the name of God. Whenever we’re in pain we look for our mother’s comforting embraces and when we’re happy we want to run to her and share with her the joy which she feels for our success.

Cloudnine is proud to experience the love mothers spread across as they share with us their love for their babies and their families. Cloudnine stands strong to never give up because of these mothers who’ve been manufactured with an undefiable spirit and who’ll even fight destiny to keep their children safe.

We’re glad we could connect with Mom Warrior Dhruti Sanghavi. She hails from Mumbai and is a quadrilingual as she can speak in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and English!

Dhruti was born and brought up in Mumbai and Vadodara. She has done her schooling from the Convent of Jesus and Mary and her graduation from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. As a human resource specialist, she has been associated with big names in the industry and is currently serving as the Asst. Manager of Human resource at Teleperformance Ltd, posted at Whitefield, Bangalore.

She talks of her marriage with much excitement and says;

“My husband and I had moved to Bangalore due to better job opportunities. I am from Gujarat and my husband is from Uttar Pradesh. She describes their meet-cute as a “fulfilled dream of having a filmy love story. “

That’s amazing, Dhruti!

She’s a full time working mom who is currently on her maternity leave, completely focusing on her 3-month-old baby. That doesn’t stop her from planning her work ahead. She credits her in-laws for the support they provide as they flew all the way from Ahmedabad to help her and her husband take care of their baby. She says that her in-laws care for her like she was their own daughter.

She happily says;

“My in-laws are the ones who are actually parenting my kid, as me and my husband both are new to the concept of parenting. We’re getting better as each day passes.”

We can feel the warmth when she speaks about her husband, whom she says is a very supportive person. Her husband would make sure that he’d drop her every single day to office during her early pregnancy, even if that meant that he’d have to travel about 16 to 17 kms everyday to reach his own office and all the weekend house chores were taken care by him. That’s truly what every woman wants from the family she’s married into.

She likes reading about contemporary women or about the women of Mahabharata and Ramayana. She has also read a few books by Paulo Coelho and writes for herself when inspired.

Dhruti shared her pregnancy’s success story with Cloudnine which we’re excited to share with the world. Dhruti spoke with much fondness of the facilities provided on Cloudnine, especially during these trying times. She said she was lucky enough to bring her bundle of joy into this world right before the pandemic erupted. However, the doctors, nurses and helpers on Cloudnine were extremely helpful, supportive and caring.

She says;

“I will always be thankful to the entire team at Cloudnine for helping me bring my child into this world.”

Now, these are words of appreciation that inspire us to strive and become better at what we do. Dhruti expressed her appreciation for consulting with Cloudnine’s leading gynecologist specialist Dr. Dharini Bai.

Dhruti found her really supportive, caring and helpful all throughout her pregnancy journey.

She explains how Dr. Dharani helped her retain and regain some of her lost confidence;

“She (Dr. Dharani) helped me in keeping the confidence even during the testing times of pregnancy, especially the last trimester wherein I had developed LFT, more amniotic fluid and had become overweight. However, all amazingly went well and my son completed 3 months on the 4th of May, 2020.”

Our conversation with Dhruti continued, her welcoming demeanour helped us understand her better.

Cloudnine: How do you manage to be a Super Mom every day?

There is no such formula of being a Super Mom. Honestly everything that a mom does for her child makes her a Super Mom, and every mom is a Super Mom. However, I would like to mention that keeping the child at home for over 90 days, with about 3 visits for vaccination to Cloudnine post delivery, really makes me feel like a Super Mom. Believe me, I am a person with a free spirit. I can never imagine myself being stuck in house arrest for a day. But the lockdown along with my kid made this possible positively.

Cloudnine: What were the challenges you faced? What kind of responsibilities/projects did you handle, during your pregnancy?

As I mentioned I am working as an Asst. Manager Human Resources, I was working with a target of 300 people to be hired in a month. Business was expanding and the targets and skill sets were very aggressive. This was on right from the time I conceived till the time I left for my maternity leave. When I say hiring, it isn't just a word, it means making your team run in the market, colleges, consultants to source the people. Get them to the office for interviews. managing clients to travel with the team for taking interviews, managing interviews via whatsapp , skype etc with all the digital technology available.

Attending client calls, internal management calls, taking all the hits and also the misses, keeping the team motivated. Making sure clients are happy with the hiring, keeping the internal team happy with the SLA etc. Honestly, I had a team of gems and all my seniors and supervisors were really supportive. My team, my seniors, colleagues and the supervisors made me go through this challenging phase in the most smooth manner possible.

Would you like to share a few more words for Cloudnine?

Cloudnine made sure that I am on Cloudnine, right from the confirmation of me conceiving till the time of giving me the apple of my eyes, Aayansh in my arms. Dr. Dharani Bai is an Angel sent by God to me. She helped me go through every trimester with a smile on my face. Yes, I  had my reservation, but she did not let them affect me. The staff right from the nurses, helpers, housekeeping people were really caring and supportive. Believe me, they make me miss my pregnancy days.

Thank you Dhruti, for sharing all your experiences at length with us on Cloudnine. We feel exhilarated to hear that coming from a lovely new mom like yourself.  

Cloudnine wishes you the best of the best!

Dhruti has had these experiences herself and thus encourages all expecting mothers to eat, sleep, pray and repeat; and of course, some light exercise would go a long way! This, she believes is the mantra towards keeping the mind and soul happy during this pandemic. This shall certainly keep the baby well immuned in the womb too.

Cloudnine is happy to have been of service to you Dhruti, we cherish all our memories with you and your baby and send you, your family and your newborn lots of love and blessings!

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We’re happy to be of further service to you and your family and we promise that we’ll always be there by your side to help you out.

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