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The Mother builds her own fate, in the face of adversity

December 3, 2020

Cloudnine finds itself privileged to be in service of mothers who are giving it all for their babies who are being born during a time that might just be the single most difficult time for healthcare providers all around.  The pandemic might go down in history as the worst starting of a 21st century decade ever. Having claimed lives all over the world we now face even greater challenges to otherwise normal activities.

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Pregnant mothers are panicking more than ever but we on Cloudnine are doing our best to make sure they feel comforted, safe, and healthy. We are providing special services at these times to make lives easier for expecting moms because we know moms.

Mom Warrior Neha is an IT professional from Pune. She delivered her baby on Cloudnine, Pune. We spoke at length with this very charming new mom.

Here are some of the excerpts from our conversation:

Tell us about yourself and how your family has supported you during this period?

I am a working mom, an IT professional living with my husband in Pune. My in-laws’ place is in Nashik & my parents' is in Chalisgoan, about 350kms from my current residence.

My grandmother expired on 20 March '20, which was just one day before the lock-down and my parents got stuck in Chalisgoan while my in-laws were in Nashik. With this, our tough time began during the lock-down. Thankfully, I had the support of my loving husband and a caring brother.

According to our doctor, the due date was on the 28th of April, and we were hopeful that after the 1st phase of lock-down (14th April'20) there might be some relaxation in traveling norms and my mom or mother in law will be with me since this is our first baby and we were quite clueless. During this tough time, I tried to manage all the cooking, and the rest of the household chores were taken care of by my husband & brother as there were no helpers or maids available during this period.

In our regular follow-ups and medical check-ups, we came to know that I have blood pressure on the higher side which needs special care and monitoring. We started monitoring BP at home. Our doctor also gave us a prior idea that if the BP goes above 150/90, we will need to go for C-section in order to avoid further complications. In the meantime, my parents and in-laws tried to get here with special permission but were not able to do so, with the number of affected cases increasing all over the country.

News channels were continuously bombarding us with it leaving us anxious and worried. I was already under constant medication for high BP. In the 2nd week of April, despite the meditation, the blood pressure was on the higher side and our doctor suggested that we might need to go for an operation in a couple of days or so. On 11th before taking breakfast we checked BP and it has crossed 160 and doc suggested that get admitted today and this was the day when a new life boarded us in this journey.

What were your reasons for choosing Cloudnine?

I became aware of the exceptional facilities that Cloudnine provides and immediately made my decision. We had registered at Cloudnine and called them to check what kind of extra care they are taking during these times. Over the call, they gave us all the details of the extra care and attention they are taking which assured us that we have taken the right decision.

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How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Before Baby -

We were worried about all of the things going around us due to the pandemic. This was especially because our area falls under the critical zone where the numbers were rising. We were assured about the special care and attention the hospital is taking care of during this time, on-call. Online sessions were conducted as prenatal preparations which were quite helpful for new parents. The special facilities provided by Cloudnine really showed us that Cloudnine cared like a mom.

Time at Hospital

Doctors - The doctors were very descriptive and cleared all our doubts even before we asked them, as they all knew what were the questions in our minds. There were consultations and specialists for Lactation, Physician, Dietician, Paediatrician, and Gynaecologist. Paediatrician was available 24x7 and we never worried about anything.

Nurses - The care and professional treatment we received during our entire experience were really commendable. I was with my husband and sister-in-law during the entire time with no senior or experienced family members to guide us. The nurses came to our rescue every time and they guided us throughout and cleared all our doubts. There was lesser staff available during this tough time but they managed it exceptionally well.

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Administration - The insurance claim and cashless facilities were smooth. All the required documents were shared when we registered and once the documents were submitted everything was taken care of. The final bill was shared for the review before applying for the claim. This entire process was quite swift and hassle-free.

Canteen - This definitely needs a special mention. During this tough time, as no one was at home, we all were dependent on the canteen. They took care of my needs as per the dietician. We noted that a table was maintained as per every patient’s needs and food was made available timely.

At Home

There were online sessions for nutrition and lactation which were of great help. We had a follow up with Paediatrician Dr. Sandip who cleared all our doubts and guided us on the next follow-ups and vaccines. Overall, we received great support and care from Cloudnine.

Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

Gynecologist - Dr. Sneha Deshpande is a great listener, who is empathic and always available. Pediatrician - Dr. Sandip Bandekar is very descriptive and is a mind reader. He knows what concerns the parents have even before they share.

Nurse - Shreeja is very energetic, livery, caring, and helpful.

Staff - Pranali is a multitasker, even with lesser staff, she managed so many things.

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Please share some inspiring words for pregnant women/moms at Cloudnine, given the current situation.

Just remember one thing, all the hardship will be paid off by the first time you see your baby smile. It is worth all the pain. I couldn’t be happier.

Well, all we can say is Neha you were excellent to host and we are elated you had your baby boy on Cloudnine. Rest assured you will always find us by your side. All the best!

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