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The Mom in the baby

December 3, 2020

My first pregnancy was a breeze. I would carry on with life as usual and remember that I was pregnant only when someone spoke to me about it. I would eat, exercise (special yoga for pregnant women), drive and enjoy life. I was expecting something similar the second time around. To my despair, my second pregnancy was nothing like my first. I found myself lying on the bed for almost 16 hours a day. I was unable to take care of my 3-year-old girl like I used to. What I will always remember is the way she took care of me. Doing little things here and there to make me comfortable. Since the water filter was too high for her she would climb on a stool and fill my water bottle. She would turn on the fan and cover me with a blanket. She would even talk to my stomach asking the baby to join us quickly. There were days when she would organize a small party for the two of us in which she would delightfully serve jam sandwiches.

This is my little motherhood story which I will cherish for life. I know that every person has a little child in him but I didn't realize that a little child can have a mother in her. I loved every moment of her nursing and care taking. Today she is a grown girl and continues to hide her chocolates given at school to share with me and her little sister.