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The Joy Of Bringing A Newborn Into This World

December 3, 2020

Bringing a new baby into this world is an exciting experience that can place a lot of pressure on new parents. It is no wonder they take a long time to pick out a hospital that specializes in maternity care.  Cloudnine has made this process a whole lot easier by emerging as one of the top providers for maternity care in India. With several branches spread across the country, and many more on the horizon.

Cloudnine has been helping mothers as they tread bravely through their pregnancy to give birth to healthy babies without any complication.  With well-thought-out maternity programs, new parents-to-be can pick one that meets their needs. The hospitals have experienced staff in all specialities. They are well versed in handling multiple as well as high-risk pregnancy cases. With a homely atmosphere that combines stringent sanitization protocols and top-notch facilities, Cloudnine offers maternity care like no other facility in the country.

Cloudnine is famous for its clinical repertoire and has handled the birth of over a million healthy babies to date. In order to keep the moms-to-be on track, they are assigned a Cloudnine Companion who helps them manoeuvre through the appointments, scans, milestones, and celebrations.

Shaily Khare from Noida bears testament to the high-quality care provided on Cloudnine. She and her husband were worried about venturing out for hospital appointments amid the pandemic situation. However, the services offered by Cloudnine put their fears to rest. The online video consultations with their obstetrician ensured that the mom-to-be and the young one remained healthy and on track. Being their first pregnancy, they were sad that their family could not make it, due to the lockdown in place in the country.

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According to Shaily,

“This was our first pregnancy and none of our family members could be there due to the lockdown, but all the nurses and staff members were always there to support us just like our family members would have done.”

With a testament like this, Cloudnine has again established how each new mom is well taken care of during her association with the hospital.

Even after her little angel’s birth, Shaily was able to consult with the pediatrician on Cloudnine using the online video consultation services.  This was exceedingly helpful in helping her, as a new parent, to look after her newborn baby.

Cloudnine is devoted to providing the best care to each mom-to-be and little one, whether it is a full-term birth or premature birth. With ultra-modern intensive care units on hand, our facilities are coveted for their top-notch neonatal intensive care units. In fact, we pride ourselves on being one of the top neonatal care providers in India. According to medical professionals, natural childbirth is deemed to be the best for the mother and the baby. In accordance with this, our doctors encourage natural childbirth as long as it is not detrimental to the health of the mother or the baby.

Many new mothers often worry about how they will manage a newborn all alone at home. Cloudnine has you covered. We have created Baby-Ready programs that will help you and your partner get ready for what is to come after the birth. With these sessions, you will not be fazed at the challenges of parenting a newborn. Cloudnine is with you, every step of the way.

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