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Thanks to the Cloudnine Team

December 3, 2020

It was the morning of 8th November 2012, just another normal day of pregnancy; 2 more days to complete 7 months. However, in the afternoon I did not feel my baby moving. I didn’t think much about it and assumed that my baby must be sleeping and ignored the movements.

But again, I didn’t inform my husband about the movements. I felt this was normal. At around 8.45 pm, while having dinner, I informed my co-sister about it and she advised me to call Cloudnine. I called Dr Jyothilakshmi and she asked me to meet immediately.

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My brother-in-law and I rushed to Malleshwaram Cloudnine and my husband joined us there. I was in an emergency ward, and Dr Jyothilaxmi decided to do C-section. The operation started and my baby was born at 12.05 am. I could hear him crying while I was holding my husband’s hand. However, due to the anaesthesia, I was shivering very badly and at the same time, I was tensed that the baby was born too early. Since he was born in the 7th month, Dr Shekar advised getting him admitted in NICU to keep the baby in the incubator. My son’s weight was only 1.7 kilos. The doctor had given us 50-50 hopes which were bad news for all of us in the family.

The NICU staff and doctors took care of my son as their own and provided immense care and affection. With all the prayers and blessings, my son was discharged on Jan 2nd. Today my son is healthy and growing well. I am also very happy that Cloudnine had the right facilities to help us in the nick of time. Thanks to the doctors and NICU staff of Cloudnine Malleshwaram.

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- Pawan Selvi