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Thank you for the great care!

December 3, 2020

Hello,It’s just not Obstetrics, but Gynecology also that excels at Cloudnine!I underwent a surgery for a rare case of umbilical endometriosis at Cloudnine, Malleswaram on 25th May 2014. It was Dr.Sriprada, Dr.Sreedhar, and the supporting, caring team of doctors and nurses, who have saved my life. And I would like to say a big thank you with all my heart to the great team.Also would like to thank Cloudnine for the great atmosphere, where I could see each and every person working with all care, a smiling face, and with open hands & heart. I really appreciate the processes that have been put in place, which shows that Cloudnine can function as one of the most organized institutions and with world class standards.One thing which I want to say for sure is that Cloudnine has got a jewel in the crown, and that is Dr. Sriprada. And I am sure this Doctor is going to bring laurels not only to Cloudnine but also to our country. The agility, the care, the hard work and more than all the methodical approach in diagnosis should be greatly appreciated. I would like to thank her wholeheartedly and wish her all success in her life and career. Let the almighty shower all the blessings to her and the team at Cloudnine and help the ailing community get back lost happiness and lead a better life.I wish that the world becomes pain free, with the efforts of great institutions like yours!Hoping and wishing that Cloudnine continues the good work, and help the world become a better place!Best Wishes!Sindhu .K.