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Story Of Shambhavi

December 3, 2020

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Patient Consulting With Doctor

Patient Consulting With Doctor[/caption]My experience with Cloudnine has been wonderful. I can confidently say I am on “Cloudnine” with my little princess. I had a premature baby who was also underweight. Before I stepped into Cloudnine it was complete panicking at my end because this was a first time experience in my family.Click here to Consult The Best Pregnancy Doctors in ChandigarhWe have never had premature or underweight babies before. So when I came to Cloudnine I actually felt like I was in safe hands and was confident. The delivery was an emergency. I came here at around 8 pm. And in no time Dr Anuradha was called and I was moved into the ward and everybody was around me.So that helped me be confident at that point in time. Also, my husband was let in and that was one more big support and within a blink of the eye, my princess was born.She was in NICU for a week’s time, and by the end of the week we took her home since I was confident and trained well by the hospital about how to take proper care of her – how to hold her, give her a bath, how to feed her and all the other emergency things like what needs to be done if any irregularities are seen.Click here to Book an Appointment with the Best Pregnancy Doctor Near YouCloudnine is the place to be for all pregnant women. I recommend Cloudnine to everyone who has any queries, doubts or nervousness regarding pregnancy.Must Read: Your Chances of Getting Pregnant at Every Age