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Story of Mr. Karthikeyan

December 3, 2020

The service of Cloudnine is exhibited in each and every move you keep forward, even in this instance there would be hundreds of customers giving you feedback and answering to them personally itself shows your commitment towards service orientation. Hats off.

We become very emotional when we bring back the memories of birth of our Little girl,  there are no boundaries for our happiness when your Service is at the best. Our days with Cloudnine are memorable and we are part of your family and will be part of your family in your future expansions. Our Association started from 15th November 2012 with Dr. Anuradha as our consultant, the moment we entered cloud nine itself we felt that we are in safe hands, The kind of service extended by your front office staff was Excellent, the way they explained the procedures and answered the queries was very impressive…They are the face for any organization. You are Lucky to have them.

Dr. Anuradha…..Great, first time we met her was on 9th month of pregnancy. The confidence she gave was very encouraging, because our little girl is our precious child. We felt that we were late but we were remembered by the famous saying Better late than never. Since it was last month of our Pregnancy, even for smallest doubt we used to get back to her and she had patiently answered the same and used to give us confidence.

On the day of December 6th Evening , My wife Rama Devi had experienced the pain, and we were asked to come to the Hospital and Dr. Anuradha told us that anytime in early morning of 7th December we can expect the new born in this wonderful world. We were little bit worried at that time because timing she was given was an odd time. But to my surprise right from the moment we were admitted around 5:30 Pm in the evening, personalized care was given to us, there were two nursing staff attending my wife right from the evening and the care they have taken was excellent and that moment I feIt , all the staff of Cloud nine has got the quality of Empathy at the highest . Not even a moment I felt that I was in a Hospital. The service extended was like they are doing it for their own family member. Even during the night when the shift of the Nursing staff changed, the Night duty nurses also extended the similar kind of service, Hats off of to cloud nine to have so many quality staffs.

My Wife was feeling the pain all through the night, around 2:00 Am , my wife was shifted to pre Labor room, were I was also part of the proceedings. What I was observing was for the staffs it doesn’t matter whether it is Night or Day, they were passionately doing their service. My wife was shifted to the Labor room around 3:00 Am and to my greater surprise within minutes there were 5 consultants attending my wife. The team comprised of 2 Gynaec’s, 2 Pediatrician and a Junior Doctor . It was unbelievable for me 5 consultants for a normal delivery at around 3:00 AM.I was not having any words to explain at that moment & I was almost in tears by seeing all of them. And around 3:20 Am My wife delivered the little girl and Dr. Anuradha asked me to cut the cord and I was in tears and Thanked all of them for the kind of service provided to us. Till we get discharged the same kind of service was extended to us.

Now My Little girl named as Tanisha Karthikeyan is in safe hands of Dr. Ramapriya, whom I can call him as her uncle , because whenever we go for consultation is more than a doctor patient relationship. Thanks Dr. Ramapriya…Last but not least we are very thankful to two senior Lactation consultant Subashini and Romi, Because of them my wife is still breast feeding our child.

In total Cloudnine is a role model for all the other so called Corporate Hospitals, if they follow the same policies…..there will be more & more Happy Families.Thanks a Lot Cloudnine Team.

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