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Story Of Manasa

December 3, 2020

I feel very happy to write about cloud 9. First I would like to start with thanking Dr Shekhar and the complete staff who supported me in every moment of my pregnancy and also my sweet hubby who took me to cloud 9 and stood beside me & even now. Cloud 9 is one of the best places to deliver rather it was our second house I was so pampered and cared for by the staff like my mother's house.

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The moment I delivered saw the baby's smile I forgot what was labour pain, dr Anuradha did wonder on me by making me deliver normal without any pain killers i.e. Epidural Lactation sisters are the best.

Cloud9 ambience is actually like being on cloud 9 wonderfully place to be .... loved it :)

Being mother for the first few days was little tough but now it's most beautiful thing to be in this world now am a proud mother a complete women, my baby is my world his smile, his naughty moments , his playfulness keeps my day occupied he is the best baby I ever have seen love u my son and thank you cloud9 for the wonderful treat keep going a good job. :)

- Manasa Lokesh

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