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Story of Lalitha Suryanarayanan

December 3, 2020

Motherhood for me is:

M - Memory so everlasting of the first time I held my little princess in my arms

O - An Outpouring of love each time I look into her eyes

T - Treasured moments spent singing to, playing & cuddling with her

H - Humbling feeling when she wraps her fingers around mine

E - The Real experience to hear her communicate while so delicate, with her coos, gurgles & squeals

R - Resonating dream of raising her with all the values we believe in

H - Heavenly watching her tranquil sleep

O - Onerous responsibility of caring for all her needs in the right manner

O - Overwhelming joy when I see her chuckle, giggle &smile at me

D - Divine gift from god

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New to the city, I was really curious, Entering motherhood made me really anxious, Plenty of doctors and hospitals to choose from, Who would care best for the ‘To-Be’ baby and mom;

We’re so glad that we chose Cloud 9, You ensured that everything went perfectly fine, Today, I can sit back and say with conviction, That at Cloud 9 you do everything to perfection

From the moment we set foot in to confirm my pregnancy, till we walked out with our little bundle of joy in our secret-surprise decorated car, Cloud 9 truly kept us high up on Cloud 9 with their:

C - Caring & comforting nursing staff & environment

L - Latest pregnancy, birthing & parenting techniques & coaching

O - Outstanding facilities across services (obstetrics, radiology, paediatrics et al)

“U first” attitude by all the staff

D - Doctors guiding & reassuring us all the way

9 - months hassle-free journey into parenthood

Thanks Lalitha suryanarayanan & Ahaana suryanarayanan