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December 3, 2020

My wife, Vandaar, and I were on “Cloudnine” when we got to know we were going to have our first baby. We came down to the hospital to visit Dr. Prakash Kini. He has been a feel good factor for both my wife and me from the beginning. It was he who gave my nervous wife the confidence she needed for a successful pregnancy.

On 20th May 2013, our baby girl was born, and my life changed forever. The pain my wife underwent to bring our little angel to this world increased my respect for her and for women in general. Being in the labor room with my wife, made me understand the true meaning of “strength”, and Vandaar is a very strong woman indeed! Also, a day before the surgery, we wanted to meet Dr. Kini for a last minute confidence boost. Even with his busy schedule, he came and spent time with us (which was not really necessary on his part, because we didn’t even have an appointment with him) and assured us everything would be fine.

The overall experience at Cloudnine has been amazing. From the watchman to the receptionist, the nurses and the doctors - everyone showered us with warmth, care and respect. The lactation classes, the ante- natal classes, the nutritionist - everything was very useful for both my wife and me. The food was exceptionally good and my wife would not have minded if they could have catered the same food to our house for a month after the delivery!

Even though Cloudnine is a very professional place and has grown so much in the past few years, it still has its human touch intact, and that’s what makes it stand apart from the rest of the hospitals. Keep up the good work Cloudnine!