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Staying Strong: Managing Emotional Wellbeing During Infertility

Infertility can fling you down a rabbit hole of disappointment and low self-worth. It can stir up a queasy concoction of emotions you never knew you had; the kind that rise and fall with each passing month. It’s normal to wonder how something so basic to humankind suddenly seems so out of reach.

If you’re in the throes of infertility, you should know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. With modern advances in medicine and technology, myriad forms of infertility are now treatable.

Staying Strong

Infertility has a way of eclipsing dreams, goals and relationships. For many women, it becomes a single-point focus, weakening the spirit a month at a time. Building your faith and staying strong are vital on the way to pregnancy. As you begin your treatment, remember to be patient and keep these tips in mind.

Combat Infertility Together

Infertility is a two-way street, affecting you and your partner equally. It doesn’t matter who the condition is attributed to, infertility is best fought as a couple. By serving as a support system for each other, you and your partner can celebrate the wins and overcome the setbacks together.

Equip Yourself With Information

Educating yourself about the physical and psychological aspects of infertility can prepare you for treatment. Some conditions may take longer to counter, while others may respond to treatments immediately. By knowing your odds, you can allow yourself a mental timeline to avoid disappointment.

Identify Support Groups

Support groups can be therapeutic windows that allow you to gain an insight into other couples’ experiences. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that you’re not alone; that infertility is a condition that affects many couples. When you do seek support, seek it as a couple. It’s just as important that your partner feels uplifted on this journey along with you. There are dozens of support groups to choose from online.

Cut Out the Stress

Not getting pregnant can take a toll on you, both emotionally and physically. Minimise your stress by exploring healing techniques and restful activities. Meditation, yoga, pranayam (breathing technique), fertility counselling and psychotherapy are some options. Also, make sure that you’re exercising adequately, eating healthily and making time for friends and family. At the end of the day, the way your body responds to fertility protocols is not in your control and it’s imperative that you recognise that.

Live Your Life

Don’t let infertility take over your life. Remember that it’s part of your journey but it doesn’t define who you are or what is to come. Celebrate the little things, cherish your loved ones and appreciate every moment.

Revisit Your Objectives

Fertility treatments can sometimes be draining, especially if the condition at hand is complex and requires a combination of protocols. A few months in, it’s natural to feel differently towards your treatment than you did at the beginning. Assess your expectations with your partner periodically to evaluate where you both stand. Talk about which treatments you’re inclined towards and how long you want to continue. By re-evaluating your progress, you may decide that you need a break before opting for a new treatment cycle. Stocking up on energy and emotion is recommended during an extended treatment programme.

With treatment programmes on Cloudnine, the light at the end of the tunnel usually turns into a North Star, fructifying all the efforts gone in. If you’re still on your journey, it’s likely that your star is still in the making. Be sure to wait; your light is on its way.

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