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Start Practising Self-Care During Pregnancy

For a mom to be, the first trimester is full of excitement mixed with anxiety. Every system in your body undergoes some sort of change to accommodate the life growing inside you. These changes can make you feel exhausted and also experience all kinds of emotions.Book an online appointment with Dr. Dharini Bai for gynecology related issues

Here are a few seemingly simple yet dramatically helpful suggestions :

  • It is natural for a pregnant lady to have a tough time while dealing with taste. Try to choose food that you want to eat, but remember that small and frequent intake of easily digestible food supplemented with a good amount of liquids is preferred.

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  • Keep yourself physically active by taking a leisurely morning and evening walk while listening to soothing music.
  • Practising yoga and meditation is a useful tool to overcome the anxiety related to changes brought by pregnancy.
  • Remember that help and support are always available for you to overcome the mood swings. Seek comfort by talking to your partner, close family members or a caregiver.

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