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December 3, 2020

Oct 18 2012 12:00 AM - like all my previous b'days, my bi(e)tter 1/2 started celebrating with a cake and camera set to capture the beautiful moments. But, I was in no mood or should I say half enthusiastic to celebrate. 3 lines of usual Birthday song and then came the biggest surprise when I heard: "Happy Birthday Dear would-be mom"!!

I was blank but with a smile on my face staring at my hubby.. there's a reason for that.. I had went through a lot of emotions the previous day when my hubby had told me over the phone that our pregnancy test (carried out at a diagnostic center) had been negative and there's always a better 2mrw (I had even asked him with a hope: a better 2mrw means really 2mrw?).. somewhere, I was not ready to accept, thinking he might be lying for good but at the same time I didn't want to disappoint myself bigger if his words were true.. for putting through all these emotions and more importantly not letting me enjoy that additional day of mother-hood, I call him bitter 1/2.. ;)

since then, my mother-hood journey has been almost smooth and fantastic except in the 2nd month, when the 1st scanning showed haematoma or rather blood clotting in the uterus.. though, not very scary, those were anxious moments and was advised bed rest for 15 days. by God's grace, the next scanning showed everything was OK and what so special was hearing ma baby's heart-beat for the 1st time.. was an incredible feeling then..

Like every would-be parent, we planned many things including 4D scan to have a glimpse of our baby's cute face and enjoy the movements inside.. but, my nakhra (naughty) baby never let us have clear view of the face nor active during both the times of scanning even though it was very active just before and post scanning.. :)don't know how 9 months passed away and there was no sign of cramps or pain.. doctor carried out 2 NSTs just to make sure everything is fine.. finally, the day arrived (June 12 2013 06:00 AM) when I started feeling little pain.. we called the doctor at 07:30 and went to the hospital by 09:00.. after, the check-up doctor told that there's a lot of time (atleast 10-12hrs) left for dilation and gave the options to either get admitted or go home and come back when cramps are more intense & frequent. after all the discussions, my brave 1/2 decided to go home and rest there..

uff, we were in dilemma now, as it was my very naughty, talkative cousin's birthday and always quarreled with him that our baby will not be born on u'r birthday.. at home, we celebrated with the b'day boy.. at 5:00 PM, I wasn't able to bear the pain and rushed to the hospital and finally they admitted us without giving any options to my brave hubby.. :)the moment came when the water broke and I was taken to labor room around 11:50 PM.. and, in no time even before we realize, I delivered a cute baby on 13 June 2013 @ 12:18 AM (s, it's not June 12th, hurrah ;-).. ) with my brave, better 1/2 consoling on my side in the labor room and we both were definitely on cloud nine at cloud 9..

Yes, since that special b'day, the beautiful journey of mother-hood with my cute princess "THUNTHURU" has been going strong by God's grace and hope it continues for-ever..Before I sign-off, we would like to Thank every one at my family, friends, office & Cloud 9 for this wonderful journey.. A special Thanks goes to Dr. Mukta Nadig & Dr. Shekar Subbaiah for their care & expertise and not to forget my 1st consultant Dr. Asha V. Gowda. A special Thanks to Cloud9 for bringing out the hidden talent of author in me.. ;-)

There's a song in kannada, "THUNTHURU, alli neera haadu..." meaning "Drizzle - Song of Water" but, to our life, the little fairy princess is the "SONG OF LOVE N SMILE"..

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