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Shaswat –My Shining Star

December 3, 2020

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Family picture

Family picture[/caption]

When I realized that I am going to be a mother, the first thing I was concerned about was which doctor or hospital I should consult. We did a lot of research for getting the list of best hospitals in Bangalore. Few of our friends recommended “Cloudnine” to us and so we decided to visit the Jayanagar Branch.

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We went to Cloudnine and the receptionist took us through the list of doctors. We decided to go with Dr Prakash Kini. I should mention that Dr Prakash Kini is the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. He encouraged me to enjoy my pregnancy to the maximum and instilled in me that it is not a disease, but a state of wellness.

Dr Prakash also advised me to work as long as I feel fine and hence I was working until a day before my delivery. When I entered my 9thmonth, the scan showed that the baby’s head is big in size and I have a fibroid in the uterus. So Dr Prakash told me that normal delivery will be very painful for me as well as my baby and surgery needed to be done for removal of the fibroid. Hence, he recommended a C-section which left me nervous. But Dr Prakash Kini explained to us the pros and cons of C-section after which we got the confidence to go in for C-section.

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Pregnant women and men

Pregnant women and men[/caption]

18th July 2012 was the day when we decided that our baby should be out to see the wonderful world. I got admitted to the hospital at around 7 a.m. I was taken to O.T. at 10 a.m. My hubby was with me in the O.T. all the time so I didn’t feel the fear. In a few minutes, my baby was out. That was the most wonderful moment in my life.

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People say that after C-section, you will have terrible pain and will not be able to walk. But I didn’t feel the pain at all and surprisingly after a few hours, I was able to walk. The rooms in the hospital are so good that it feels more like a hotel than a hospital. The nurses were helpful and were available round the clock. The best part about the service is that when you are going to the O.T., the room door has a caption saying “Arriving Soon” and after delivery, the caption is “It’s a baby boy”. The hospital also provides lactation classes for first-time mothers so that we know how to feed the baby.

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Pregnancy Copules

Pregnancy Couples[/caption]

Now my baby “Shaswat”, which means “Everlasting or Continuous”, is 10 months old and we are consulting Dr.Girish S.V. for any health-related issues or vaccination.

Thanks for the overwhelming hospitality, Cloudnine. Keep up the good work!!!!. We are extremely proud and happy to be associated with Cloudnine and thank them for a warm and memorable experience.

Smita, Shekhar and Shaswat

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