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Sailing through pregnancy with great finesse

December 3, 2020

Your life needn’t be about the struggles you’ve gone through. Even during a time like this when things are unprecedented, one thing can be ascertained and that is a smooth pregnancy. Cloudnine makes that possible for you.

Although we guarantee this, but it is not our opinion alone. It is the feedback which we’ve received from multiple moms on Cloudnine. We feel special because they chose us, they were delighted with all our services which we’ve specially crafted for all these new moms. Cloudnine always gives its best because We know moms.

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Today we bring to you Mom Warrior Krithika Sarma who is married and currently lives with her husband and in-laws in Pune. She is a working professional and a mother of a newborn baby boy, who is her little sunshine. She’s named him Rishaan. She sends a special shout-out to her family and to Cloudnine for helping her sail smoothly through her pregnancy.  

She says;

“I derive all my positivity and strength from my family. They are my strongest support system. Especially under this COVID’19 pandemic, they have stood strong and have held me whenever I have fallen weak.

In times when I couldn't meet my own parents my husband and in-laws showered all their love upon me. I'm blessed to have them in my life. When we have each other we have everything.

”About her pregnancy journey on Cloudnine, she says that she chose Cloudnine hospital for her maternity and child care journey because of its best in class services and facilities and moreover one of the main reasons for choosing Cloudnine was her gynecologist Dr. Girija Wagh.

She adds,

“Cloudnine indeed has the best doctors in the business and my experience with them was one of the best. I want to thank Cloudnine for the amazing services that they are offering especially during the COVID’19 pandemic. The hospital has undertaken every safety measure required to be taken during the lockdown. Not only that, they have kept their patients well informed about the situation but also taken extra measures to provide proper services while being cautious.

Cloudnine is also providing video consultations so that their patients don't miss out on their appointments because of the lockdown.

Additionally, they are also providing home vaccination facilities. It's commendable how the hospital is going beyond expectations to look out for their customers.

I'm proud to be associated with Cloudnine.

“About her experience with the doctors and staff on Cloudnine Krithika says,

“Indeed Cloudnine has the best doctors and I can vouch for it.

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My personal experience with my gynecologist Dr. Girija Wagh was one the best one could ask for. She is the best in the field. Extremely professional and filled with positivity. She stands apart because of her kind, caring and jovial nature. I have seen very few doctors who genuinely care for their patients and she is definitely one of them. She leaves no stone unturned in her treatment and keeps you motivated every time you meet her. It's her attitude that makes all the difference.

I'm blessed with a beautiful baby boy with normal delivery and it is only because of her guidance that I sailed through my pregnancy very easily and happily. I admire and love her for her work.

Also, would like to mention the support staff who have been kind, caring and courteous towards me and my child and family at the time of my delivery. All the doctors and staff have been supportive in my childbirth journey and I have had a wonderful overall experience at Cloudnine.”

Krithika, your energy lightens our hearts. It was wonderful to be your host. Cloudnine is always there for you and your family. We loved having you with us!

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