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Removing A 21-Centimeter Ovarian Mass Made Easy

December 5, 2023

Women’s health is a topic that is spoken about very often, yet, is also one of the most neglected ones. Like we mention in many of our blogs, it’s critical for women to take care of their health and not neglect it while they take care of everyone and everything around them.

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This is true especially after women have children. While it is important to take care of children as they need that love, yet it should never come at the cost of women’s own health. We emphasize a lot on why women should take note of small changes to their bodies, not brush any health niggle under the carpet as well as stay aware through the different blogs and sessions that we have.

our doctors not just deal with pregnancies, they deal with a myriad of other gynecological problems as well. Dr. Girija, one of our most experienced doctors, gets a lot of patients who present with gynecological problems that range from normal to some that require a lot of medical intellect and instinct to deal with.

When Radha (name changed) met with Dr. Girija for the first time, she had complaints of abdominal pain that had been around for quite a bit. Just like all the doctors do, Dr. Girija also started the appointment with her medical history. Radha was a mother to two children, both of whom were delivered through cesarean section.

The Diagnosis

Dr. Girija then moved on to conduct an examination of her abdomen and immediately realized that there was a mass or growth in her sternum through to her lower pelvis. Whenever a doctor finds a mass or a growth, their first instinct is to conduct a biopsy to find out if it is cancerous or not, because that is what determines the next course of action. In Radha’s case, thankfully, the mass was non-cancerous or benign, a confirmation of which helped Dr. Girija plan the treatment option.

A scan of Radha’s abdomen revealed that there was a 21 centimeter large benign ovarian tumor that was the cause behind the extreme abdomen pain that Radha was experiencing.

The Treatment

The usual course of treatment for an ovarian cyst or tumor is surgery. Given the size of Radha’s tumor, Dr. Girija planned for an open surgery instead of laparoscopy because the removal would have to be very precise. One of the biggest reasons why an open surgery is preferred in the case of a tumor as large as this is because, during the removal, doctors do not want any spillage of the contents as they might contain precancerous cells and might cause metastasis in case the patient develops cancer later on.

As Radha was taken into surgery, Dr. Girija was able to remove more than 500 ml of fluid safely and also removed the mass without any hiccups. In Radha's case, Dr. Girija had to also perform a hysterectomy or removal of the uterus.

The Recovery

we are there with you through all stages of your treatment, be it during consultation, treatment, or recovery. We monitored Radha very closely post her surgery for signs of infection and fever and made sure that her recovery was smooth.
From her daily cleansing to her diet, everything was taken care of. Now, three weeks after her surgery, her recovery has been very smooth and satisfactory, a great thing considering how big her tumor was.

With a doctor who brings in years of rich experience to the table and support staff that has been trained to assist more than adequately, a surgery of this magnitude was carried out just like a regular one would have been.

Be it maternity or gynec issues,

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