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Pregnant!! Prep Up Yourself While Planning To Eat Out.

December 3, 2020

Lookout a bit closer and you will find good, nutritious food in every restaurant’s menu.

Whether it is a quick lunch or a lavish dinner, spending time with family is the best way to enjoy the pregnancy. But, do not risk your baby’s health while eating out.

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Here are a few tips which will help you enjoy your lunch/dinner outing with the family to the fullest without compromising on a healthy diet:

1. Select The Restaurant Wisely

Do you choose your restaurant in advance while planning to eat out?

Since there are many options available such as a diner, restaurant, buffet, or a fast food place, it is wise to decide beforehand where you want to eat. Cash in the situation! Take advantage of being pregnant and choose the restaurant best suited for preggers. For example, you can opt for a restaurant which offers seafood like fish & prawns instead of a Fast food restaurant. And, if you suffer from frequent heart-burn, try avoiding restaurants specialized in spicy food.

2. MADE-TO-ORDER Food Items

When pregnant, you must wisely choose your meals. It’s better to opt for an item which is healthy and MADE-TO-ORDER. You should feel free to ask your attendant for food to be made to order. Avoid ordering food items like ready-made sandwiches, salads and wraps, etc. as they can be unsafe for you especially during pregnancy.

3. Avoid Over Eating

When eating out, you usually end up overeating and then finish it up with indigestion. So, to avoid such situation, you can follow these tricks:

  • Have a few bites of fresh fruits before heading out for lunch or dinner, as this will help you keep full and avoid the tendency of overeating when the food is served at the restaurant.
  • If you find difficulty in eating large portion meals better opt for a couple of starters instead of ending up overeating.

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4. Go Green & Soupy

Green veggies and soups are the best friends a pregnant lady can ever have. So, while hunting for the first-course order from the menu, you can always go for a healthy option, i.e. a salad, a bowl of grilled veggies or lentil/bean/vegetable soup. It is always good to avoid cream-based soups and salads with dressings of raw eggs or raw blue cheeses.

5. Say NO To Desserts

We understand your love for Ice-creams and Doughnuts, but won’t it be better if you avoid them for the time being? Save no place for the dessert after your lunch or dinner. Say a strict NO to the desserts like a mud pie, tiramisu and fried desserts, instead ask your attendant for some fresh fruits, sorbet, or frozen yogurt.

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Pregnant women avoiding junk[/caption]You should definitely enjoy a nice meal out with your family, when pregnant. Because after becoming a mother, it may take a while for you to get some time to fully relax at a meal out again. So, sit back, chillax and plan a perfect Lunch/Dinner, with the help of the above-discussed tips and tricks.

If you have more such tips, do share with us in the comment section below.

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