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Welcome to Week 36

You have just completed the 8th month of your pregnancy – only 4 more weeks to go before you meet your little one! Meanwhile, it’s time for another bite-sized update of your baby.

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Update on Your Body

Going forward, your energy levels are likely to rise and crash sporadically, alternating for the remainder of your pregnancy. Your baby bump is bigger now and you may feel big too. However, you may find some relief from heartburn and breathlessness as your baby drops down into your pelvis.

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This may increase the frequency of urination too. The shape of your belly may change a little once this happens. These changes are likely to put more pressure on your pelvis and aggravate your swollen feet, varicose veins and constipation.

Update on Your Baby

Your baby’s brain has been undergoing rapid development and he or she has now started blinking. The lanugo, or thin hair covering your baby’s skin, will begin to fall off this week. Your baby will swallow the lanugo through the amniotic fluid, and eventually excrete it through meconium – the first stool or motion. Your baby may drop into your pelvis soon – perhaps within the week.

While it is usual for babies to descend with their head pointed downward, some babies resort to a breech position – with the head pointed upward. If yours is a breech baby, your doctor may consider certain procedures to correct the position if your baby doesn’t rotate on its own.

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Your Baby’s Size

18.7 inches, or the size of a papaya.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Schedule your third-trimester ultrasound on receiving the go-ahead from your doctor. This ultrasound is usually carried out between weeks 34 to 38 to check your baby’s growth and development, the position inside your uterus and the likely due date. Educate yourself on the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and true contractions. The former is likely to appear this week onward and can be mistaken for labour if not interpreted correctly.

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Tips for an Expectant Dad


Accompany your partner to her third-trimester ultrasound. Your baby will appear much more lifelike now on this final leg of pregnancy.

Prepare yourself for parenthood alongside your partner. In case you have worries or anxieties about the health of your baby or your partner, discuss them with your doctor.

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