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Welcome to Week 35

You are only two weeks away from completing the 8th month of your pregnancy! Here are some important pointers for this week.

Update on Your Body

Your uterus sits about 6 inches above your navel this week. You may have gained between 10-13 kilos since you first got pregnant. Soon, your baby will drop down into your pelvis as it prepares to arrive into the world. Your breathing discomfort should reduce, though you may still feel breathless for a few more weeks as your baby continues to push into your ribs and diaphragm.

Update on Your Baby

Your baby has completed most of its growth and development by now. His or her lungs are almost functional, the kidneys are completely developed and the liver is already processing waste. Your baby’s kicks and punches will continue to be the same, although you may not feel big movements such as somersaults like before, as your baby no longer has enough space for acrobatics. Continue to maintain a kick count of your baby’s movements.

Your Baby’s Size

18.2 inches, or the size of a honeydew melon.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Meditate, relax and stay away from stressful situations to give yourself some downtime before your big arrival.Eat small meals at frequent intervals to manage heartburn.Beat breathlessness by sitting erect or lying down on your side to improve your breathing.Clip your fingernails to prime yourself for newborn care.


If you experience pregnancy-induced heartburn and indigestion, stay away from spicy and sour food and resist the temptation of lying down immediately after a meal.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


If your partner's fuse has shortened, try to understand that her pregnancy hormones and discomfort are causing these changes in her temperament. Be patient and supportive – it’s not too long before the hormones wear off.