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Welcome to Week 31

With only nine more weeks of your pregnancy left, you’re inching closer to your due date! Next week, you will be completing your 7th month!

Update on Your Body

You have probably gained between 9-12 kilos by now. This week, you are likely to experience increased pressure on your spine and lower back, as your baby and uterus grow bigger. Swelling around the feet, varicose veins and haemorrhoids or piles may develop as a result. You may find moving around difficult, and feel discomfort from staying in the same position for too long. Change your position frequently to improve blood circulation and stay comfortable.

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Update on Your Baby

Your baby’s body has started developing layers of fat below the skin, giving him or her a much more ‘normal’ appearance. During the coming weeks, your baby will begin to gain weight rapidly to reach the final birth weight – ideally between 2.8-3 kilos. Your baby can recognise distinct sounds now, and can differentiate your voice from that of those around you. He or she may even jump on hearing a loud noise. Your baby can also feel pain, and reacts to gentle prodding.

Your Baby’s Size

16.2 inches, or the size of an asparagus.

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Tips for an Expectant Mom


Backaches usually increase during the final stages of pregnancy, primarily because the uterus is bigger and exerts more pressure on the spine. Try to maintain an upright posture, rest against a cushion while seated and practise gentle back exercises (approved by your doctor).Maintain a kick count and notify your doctor if there is a reduction in movement or a significant change in pattern. On an average, a kick count of 10-12 in 12 hours is a sign that your baby is doing well.

Slow down your exercise routine to a pace that you find most comfortable. Buy good nursing or pregnancy bras and undergarments in accordance with your increased size.


To relieve back pain, avoid sleeping on your back and limit your use of high-heeled shoes.

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Tips for an Expectant Dad


Give your partner a back rub and massage to help her relax. Help her out with simple tasks like tying shoelaces, putting on socks and shoes, clipping toenails, sitting down or getting out of a chair, and lifting objects from the floor.

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