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Welcome to Week 11

You are now just a week away from completing your first trimester!

Update on Your Body

Your pregnancy hormones and increased blood circulation may lead to increased hair and nail growth and oily skin. Oily skin is likely to invite pimples onto your face. You may put on a little more weight this week, especially around your abdomen.Want to consult a specialist? Find the best pregnancy doctor in Pune

Update on Your Baby

Your baby’s head is still double the size of its body, but the body is growing rapidly now and will catch up soon. The fingers and toes may have separated, the bones are becoming harder and most of the major organs have formed by this week. Your baby’s heart is now pumping blood to all the major organs. The genitals have formed too.


Your Baby’s Size

1.6 inches, or the size of a lime.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


If you experience bleeding gums (due to increased blood volume), use a soft-bristled brush and visit your dentist for an appraisal of your dental health.Must Read: Numbness During Pregnancy – Causes and RemediesWash your face regularly with a good face wash to clean pregnancy-induced oil off your face, and save your pores from getting clogged from dirt and oil.[caption id="attachment_23225" align="aligncenter" width="497"]

Pregnancy week 11

Pregnancy week 11[/caption]Pay attention to your posture. Keep your back erect when you walk, sit or stand, and keep it well supported when you sit. When bending down, avoid bending your back. Bend your knees instead, while holding onto a sturdy means of support.Avoid wearing high heels and lifting heavyweights.To Know More: About Laughing during Pregnancy – Benefits to Mom and Baby

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Help your partner by contributing around the house, doing the groceries and making occasional meals.Make sure she doesn’t lift heavyweights.[caption id="attachment_23226" align="aligncenter" width="500"]


Pregnancy[/caption]Give her a back rub or a foot massage whenever she needs one. Spending time with her and caring for her will make her feel loved and comforted.Must Read: 7 Tips to Get the Perfect Night’s SleepRead a pregnancy book to sensitise yourself to the pregnancy journey.