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Pregnancy Platter: How to Eat Healthy At Work

Keeping the baby in your belly fed and watered can seem like a full-time job over your full-time job. If you’re struggling with eating healthy at work, look to these tips to tide you over from 9 to 5.  

Meetings, deadlines, presentations, reports – if your workday is already a flurry of activity, it’s likely you give little thought to your eating patterns as it is. Throw a growing baby into the mix, and you have yourself a charming little conundrum. How, pray, can you wheedle eight hours’ worth of healthy eating into an impossibly busy workday, you wonder? Luckily, it only takes a few adjustments to give your baby a steady supply of nutrients. In this guide, we spotlight some golden tips for a working pregnancy diet.

Keep a Snack Drawer

You don’t have to be the warehouse manager to know how to stock up well. Stash your drawers with healthy treats and snacks to keep you fuelled on the go. It’s wise to tuck into bite-sized munchies every two hours to keep your sugar levels steady and your energy levels up. Also, by keeping your tummy busy at even intervals, you can ward off those pesky cravings that have you curiously gravitating towards the vending machine. Store snacks unlikely to spoil in your drawer. Cheese cubes, whole wheat crackers, dry and dehydrated fruit, granola bars and soya milk are some long-lasting options. If you have access to the office fridge, expand your snack empire with options like cut fruit, veggies with dip, and yogurt. And hey, make sure to label your little treasures with sticky notes if you want them around the next day!

Embrace the ‘Health Is Homemade’ Philosophy

The only way you can be completely sure you’re getting every last nutrient out of your food is by preparing it at home. Overboiling (farewell, nutrients), undercooking (hello, infections) and nasty additives are all risks you face when you order in. Make a habit of carrying your meals along with you. No time for breakfast? Box up some homemade poha. Always out of options for lunch? Nothing like some good ol’ homestyle roti sabzi seasoned with love. If you’re wondering how you can possibly fit a meal routine into your day, start slow and build up. Start with breakfast, and once you’re ready, bring lunch into the mix. Easing yourself into a home-sourced meal routine can work wonders for your health and keep your baby well nourished.

Switch Up Your Order Choices

If you do step out for a meal with colleagues or for a weekend outing with family (because hey, cravings), make informed choices. Ask yourself how you can get maximum nutrition from your meal. Supplement a juicy burger with a hearty portion of salad, or a pizza with a wholesome soup. Not only will this ensure you have less of an appetite for the bad stuff, but it’ll also give you a welcome boost of nutrients. Also, go ahead and classify restaurants on your phone based on hygiene rating and healthy menu options. So, the next time you’re ordering in, you know exactly what to click on.

Be the Official Snack Officer For Meetings

If your meetings involve biscuit-laden tables and steaming cups of coffee, it’s time you led the change. Speak to your housekeeping staff about healthier snack options. Whole wheat crackers and veggie sandwiches, for instance, could be wonderful alternatives. Also, send a whisper their way about replacing your customary coffee with plain milk or hot chocolate!

Chug Those Fluids

Keeping yourself hydrated can prevent urinary tract infections and the risk of preterm labor. Plus, it can work magical, clarifying charms on your skin. Keep your desk stocked with a large bottle of water and make a point of refilling it throughout the day. While it’s okay to give yourself a coffee boost every now and then, restrict your consumption to two cups a day (caffeine is a diuretic).If you’re wincing at the thought of balancing the demands of your boss and your belly, take heart in knowing it isn’t as hard as it seems. Ease into your routine slowly and give yourself time to adjust. Sit down and create a belly break schedule that syncs with your workday and if necessary, set mealtime alarms to keep you reminded through the day. In time, your routine will take on an easy, organic flow. And you’ll look forward to your little belly breaks more with each passing day.

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