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Pregnancy After Vasectomy: Is It Possible?

March 15, 2023

Various surgical techniques help prevent pregnancy and vasectomy is one of them. But what is a vasectomy? How is it done? Vasectomy is generally a contraceptive technique, a surgical process performed in males, wherein the male's ductus deferens or vas deferens are blocked or cut. The vas deferens is a muscular tube that helps carry sperm cells from the male reproductive gland, the testicles (responsible for producing sperm and androgen), to the urinal duct, the urethra. This eventually ceases the transmission of the sperm to the ejaculation that is released from the male genital tract, the semen. This, in turn, prevents pregnancy altogether. Consult a doctor to learn in detail about what is a vasectomy. Get familiar with what a vasectomy is and how it works before opting for it. Look into all methods of contraceptives and prefer the ones deemed appropriate and safe by a licensed doctor.

Individuals, who have a thorough knowledge of what is a vasectomy, are slightly uncertain of how effective it is the same in preventing pregnancy. People, who are aware of what a vasectomy is, would be sure of the fact that there would be semen ejaculation and sperm production even after the surgery is performed. Still, the bodies become conditioned to reabsorb the released sperm before reaching the ejected semen.

This article focuses on the chances of pregnancy after vasectomy.

Several reasons increase the risk of pregnancy after vasectomy. Some of the reasons include the following:

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Getting Engaged Sexually Immediately After Surgery

Post-vasectomy pregnancy is usually common amongst couples who begin to be sexually intimate immediately after the males undergo surgery. The life cycle of sperm is usually 3 months. Thus, there is a high possibility of sperm getting released into the male semen even after several months from the surgery's date. This, in turn, increases the risk of pregnancy after vasectomy. Thus, the longer a couple waits to engage in sex without using protection after the surgery, the less the risk of pregnancy after vasectomy. But there are statistical figures that reveal that a maximum of 2 from every 1000 women whose partners underwent vasectomy get conceived within 12 months from the date the surgery was performed.

If the performed vasectomy fails, there is a high risk of pregnancy after the vasectomy

In several cases, the procedure fails, which results in the ductus deferens not getting blocked or cut to the required extent. In this case, the doctor would advise the male to get the surgery done again to avoid post-vasectomy pregnancy. The said failure is usually diagnosed by assessing the semen after the surgery.

Recanalisation can lead to Post-Vasectomy Pregnancy

There are chances of post-vasectomy pregnancy even after months or years from the surgery's date. This happens through recanalization. Recanalisation is the process by which the testicles of the operated male redevelop and bring in a fresh connection which eventually leads to the reversal of the procedure. Therefore, post-vasectomy pregnancy is possible even after several years from the procedure's date. In most cases, recanalisation occurs within a maximum of 12 weeks from the surgery's date. But in cases wherein testicles regrow years after being cut off, the failure is diagnosed only when the male gets a female pregnant.

Several reasons support the argument, 'Is pregnancy possible after vasectomy?' while specifically speaking about recanalization. The probability of pregnancy increases if an individual opts to go with a vasectomy that is open-ended, meaning the surgery closes just one of the ends of the sperm duct (which is otherwise called vas deferens). Also, pregnancy happens when there are traces of sperm tissues on the site at which the surgery was performed.

Is Pregnancy Possible After Vasectomy?

Individuals have always been curious about one thing when it comes to this method of contraception which is 'Is pregnancy possible after vasectomy?' Studies across the globe have been trying to finalize answers to the query 'Is pregnancy possible after vasectomy?' Figures reveal that early failure of vasectomies has accounted for almost 0.3% to 9% of the surgeries recorded in the past. On the other hand, late failure of vasectomies has accounted for 0.04% - 0.08% of all surgeries. Therefore, the answer is never a sure 'No' to the question 'Is pregnancy possible after vasectomy?'

Pregnancy Options After Vasectomy

IVF (In Vitro fertilisation) is one of the most effective pregnancy options after vasectomy. Couples looking for pregnancy options after vasectomy can go with IVF, wherein the female's egg is surgically removed, frozen outside under favorable conditions and then implanted back into the female's uterus, hoping to get a baby conceived.

Vasectomy reversal is also one of the pregnancy options after vasectomy. In this case, the doctor performs either of the two procedures, namely Vasovasostomy and Vasoepididymostomy, to reverse the vasectomy. Consult a doctor when in need of pregnancy options after vasectomy.

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What is vasectomy for women?

In women, permanent contraception is often associated with tubal litigation, wherein the fallopian tubes in the uterus are tied, restricting the movement of the eggs.

How common is pregnancy after vasectomy?

Usually, doctors instruct a couple to use other methods of contraception until the reports stay clear of sperm in the semen deposited by the operated male to ensure that there are no chances of pregnancy after vasectomy. There are high chances of pregnancy after vasectomy amongst couples who engage in sex soon after the surgery is performed in the males.

How did I get pregnant when my husband had a vasectomy?

Females ask doctors questions like, 'How did I get pregnant when my husband had a vasectomy?' In most cases, the chances of pregnancy after a vasectomy are nearly zero unless the partners wait for a minimum of 3 months from the date at which the surgery was performed to engage in sex without using protection. To ensure that there are no chances of pregnancy after vasectomy, the operated men are advised to visit a doctor to ensure that are no traces of sperm in the semen that they ejaculate.

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