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Physical Changes & Nutrient Requirements

October 10, 2014 in Nutritional Insightsby Ms. Nina Maria Saldanha
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Baby Growth
Baby Growth


The second trimester (14th to the 28th week) is sometimes called the “golden trimester” of pregnancy.  This label is appropriate because it comes with many exciting milestones like feeling the baby’s kicks along with welcome changes like relief from morning sickness & fatigue that plagued during the first trimester, precipitating better energy levels and so on. Your baby will probably begin to seem more animated to you during these weeks. Creating a baby registry, buying maternity clothes and thinking about baby names are just a few of the fun tasks on your second-trimester to-do-list!!

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A number of exciting changes in your baby’s development occur during the second trimester:

Fourth Month (Weeks 14-18)

  • Your baby, weighing about 6 ounces, is growing fast and is about 8 to 10 inches long by the end of this month.
  • The umbilical cord will continue to grow and thicken in order to carry enough blood and nourishment.
  • During the fourth month, you will gain 1 to 2 kilograms and start to “show.”
  • You’ll start to feel a slight sensation of movement in your lower abdomen like “bubbles” or fluttering. The first baby movement or kick is called “quickening” and make sure you write down the date as it is an important milestone as well as remembrance. This date may also help the doctor determine when your baby is due.

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Fifth Month (Weeks 19-23)

  • By the end of this month, your baby will weigh about 500 grams and be about 12 inches long.
  • An anticipated weight gain of 1 to 2 kilograms with deeper and more frequent breathing.
  • The area around your nipples may look darker and wider as your breasts prepare to make milk (lactate).

Sixth Month (Weeks 24-28)

  • By this month, the foetus is a fully formed miniature baby except that the skin is wrinkled and red and there is practically no fat under the skin.
  • The baby still needs to grow, since it is only about 14 inches long and weighs about 1000 grams.
  • The baby may cry and suck on its thumb and baby’s movements are more regularly felt.
  • An additional weight gain of 1 to 2 kilograms is expected and some women do experience backache. Wearing low-heeled shoes ensures a better sense of balance and comfort during this period.
pregnancy stages
pregnancy stages

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Your Body

New and more noticeable changes to your body will happen to make room for your growing baby.

You may have:

  • Body aches, such as back, abdomen, groin or thigh pain.
  • Stretch marks on your abdomen, breasts, thighs or buttocks.
  • Darkening of the skin around your nipples.
  • A line on the skin running from belly button to pubic hairline.
  • Numb or tingling hands called carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Itching in the abdomen, palms and soles of the feet.
  • Swelling of the ankles, fingers and face.

Living Healthy

Being pregnant may also require some lifestyle changes.

  • Eat well and stay hydrated
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Find ways to control stress.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking or use of drugs.
  • Do not take very hot baths or use hot tubs/saunas.

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Women should gain a healthy amount of weight while pregnant. A steady weight gain without any sudden loss or gain is warranted in pregnancy.  Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. Smart choices about pregnancy nutrition can help promote baby’s overall growth and development. Eating a diet that includes grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and water is the best way to balance the nutrients. Fitting in some form of exercise every day is also a positive step towards a healthy pregnancy.

Disclaimer: These guidelines are generalised and not customised. Hence, it is preferable to follow the advice of your Obstetrician especially with the exercising regime – a type of exercise and frequency to be adopted.

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If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk call a Cloudnine expert today! +91 99728 99728

If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk to a Cloudnine expert today! Call Us : +91 99728 99728


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If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk call a Cloudnine expert today! +91 99728 99728

If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk to a Cloudnine expert today! Call Us : +91 99728 99728