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Paranoid Because Your Baby Is Not Moving?

April 24, 2023

Baby moving in the womb is a wonderful moment for every mother-to-be. It can also cause some anxiety if the mother doesn’t feel the movements right.

So, babies move from very early days but the mother can sense them only after 5 months or so. That too, all starts with just vibrations.

Babies move but on their own accord and not when the mother wants! So, movements are important but not a very accurate measure of Fetal well-being.

It's essential to under stand that Fetal movements are not just kicks; they can be jabs, rolls, rotations and even hiccups. The movements can be felt from around 20 weeks of pregnancy and they increase in frequency up to 32 weeks. After that, the movements may stay the same, but the type of movement changes. Big movements like kicks become less and small movements increase at the end of pregnancy due to the baby's limited space.

Factors influencing the perception of fetal movements are many. For instance, the lying down position is the best position to feel the movements. Sitting or standing positions may not give the same perception. Engaging in some other activities can also lessen the perception of movements. The location of the placenta can also play a role. If the placenta is closer to the abdominal wall, known as an anterior placenta, it works as a cushion and some movements may not be well felt.

Mothers may feel reduced movements due to many reasons and it doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with the baby. Obese patients may not feel the movements well due to the fat on the tummy, which can also work as a shock absorber. The baby sleeps for 20-40 minutes, rarely up to 90 minutes, in the womb. Hence, naturally, the mother will not feel the movements at that time.

It's essential to strike a balance between unnecessary anxiety and vigilant watch. Keeping a daily count of movements is not always useful, as it can cause unnecessary anxiety. However, understanding the baby's movement pattern can help monitor the baby's growth and development. Every baby has a unique movement pattern and it's not always about the count, as some websites suggest. Studies have shown that babies can move from 4-100 times in an hour.

It's advisable to keep a dedicated time of the day, say one hour, to monitor fetal movements. Preferably after having food, mothers can lie down or sit in one place and observe movements. Even small movements are perfectly okay and it's not just about the count. If there are no movements felt for 2-3 hours, it's advisable to go to the hospital. The doctors will check the mother and the baby, including the growth, heart sounds and may do a sonography to confirm that all is good.

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Inconclusion, Fetal movement is an essential aspect of pregnancy. Understanding the need, importance and correct ways of counting fetal movements can help alleviate unnecessary anxiety and ensure the baby's well-being. It's not just about counting the movements but also understanding the baby's movement pattern. Keeping a dedicated time to monitor movements can help mothers observe the baby's growth and development. Finally, if there are concerns or reduced movements, it's always advisable to seek medical help.

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