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Our little bundle of joy!!

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is the best occasion of life and motherhood is the best virtue for any woman.

Pregnancy is the only time when with increased weight, scars and marks, swelled feet you look pretty and glamorous because you are nurturing a life inside you. I enjoyed this phase last year when we were expecting our first child in Dec 2012.

I was very particular in choosing the apt birthing facilities for my baby and we made our choice Cloudnine (OAR branch).

Dr. Sita Rajan was my consulting obstetrician. Things went very well until my 7th month. Complications crept in when suddenly my blood pressure became very high. Dr. Rajan put me on Antihypertensive medicines. But with time, it kept on rising so much that my dosage became 460mg/day.

Dr. Rajan declared that I am having “Pregnancy-induced hypertension” and suggested me for complete bed rest. Sonography reports said that baby weight is low and baby growth is restricted.

My gestation became the so-called “High-risk pregnancy”. This was a really tense moment for us. Dr. Rajan rushed me to emergency C-Section as soon as I completed my 37 weeks of pregnancy to avoid further worsening of the situation.

We were blessed with our daughter on 03 Dec 2012. She was born with a very low birth weight (LBW) of 1.98 kgs. Due to LBW, she was shifted to NICU for observation as her blood sugar level was falling and she needed to be fed artificially. She was admitted under Dr. Arvind Shenoi and Dr. Mohit Singhal.

This was the most dreadful time of our life where we had to see our little one, our life, in NICU.  I can’t thank enough the NICU nurses and doctors - how they took care of my baby and also supported me emotionally.

Although I had a C section, I was walking the very next day. The recovery time was very short due to highly efficient staff and technology in Cloudnine.

My baby’s blood sugar became stable and on 06 Dec 2012, we brought her home.

Today Divyanshi, as we call our angel, is all well and growing fine like any other child. All thanks to Cloudnine and their wonderful service.

I agree that Cloudnine is “BIRTHING & BEYOND”.

All the best and continue the great work of delivering happiness.

Sarnali & Debashis

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