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Our Bundle of Bliss & Joy - Rishaan

Born into an orthodox Hindu family and indoctrinated into rigid customs and norms of a rural keralite, it was only normal that I expected to become a mother in my first year of marriage.  Every phone call from my immediate relations would end with the same question, “when are we going to hear that good news?”.  With the passing of the first year, I had started to search myself for physical and clinical inequities, if any, which may have led to the delay.  

To my dismay, I found myself to be suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [PCOD];

a sure indication that my dream of becoming a mother would be dashed forever unless a medical palliative eventually saved me.  If I was not blessed with a husband who was least shaken with this medical observation and to whom it did not make a difference whether I would ever become a mother or not, I would have been incarcerated in a cell in a psychiatric ward forever.  Such was the mental state I was in, after two years of marriage, when we decided to consult Dr Sumana Gurunath, the fertility specialist in Cloudnine Hospital.

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They say women are more sentimental and easily swayed by emotions when it comes to taking decisions.  Yes, I was taken in very much by the calm and comforting attitude of Dr Sumana Gurunath, who assured me that with medication, my monthly periods which were irregular due to [PCOD] would be corrected and it was possible to get pregnant.  My husband, though sceptical initially, decided to humour me, as he always does and we enrolled for treatment.

My trust in Dr Sumana was not misplaced and on the 1st of August brought the good news which we were all waiting to hear in the last two years.  I was pregnant and literally in cloudnine.  Words could not express the ecstasy and comforting feeling of relief that swept over me.  Dr Adi Makkam confirmed my pregnancy in his scans.  The next 39 weeks passed in a flash and I lived in a dream, embraced and ensconced by the warm, cozy blanket of my husband’s love and the ever caring motherly attention of Dr Praveena Shenoi.

Dr Praveena was a divine intervention all patients hoped for, in their sojourn in any hospital.  Cloudnine, if anything, could not be termed a hospital; it was a home away from home, with the ever attentive staff and management, their eagerness to elicit our pleasure and utmost comfort. Last but not the least my loving parents and my in-laws who kept me like a princess throughout my pregnancy, thank you word would be nothing in front of your s love and pampering.

And that moment arrived when I became a mother; the moment every mother aspired for; the first look at her child.  My child was a boy, pink and flush from all the attention he was never used to.  I could not thank the Hospital and the doctors enough for the care and attention showered on me.  I consider myself a child sometimes, pampered by a loving husband and an ever indulgent & caring staff at the hospital.  I feel if it was not for the doctors in Cloudnine, I would ever have been able to live my dream, of becoming a mother. My husband & myself are forever indebted and owe our happiness & bliss to Cloudnine Hospital.

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