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Of Love, Courage & Resilience: Rashmi's Story

December 3, 2020

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Women suffering from pain

Women suffering from pain[/caption]I was the happiest person on earth when I found out I was pregnant. I was suffering from PCOS and I conceived after 3 long years of trying.To Consult: The Best Gynecologist in BangaloreBut my pregnancy was not smooth. I faced many issues. I had heavy bleeding at the end of 2 months and we were completely devastated. But then Dr Prakash Kini sends me in for an ultrasound and confirmed that there were no problems with the baby and that the baby was doing perfectly fine. He also confirmed that I had a low lying placenta and long hours of sitting (my job demands this) was causing the bleeding. He asked me to take complete bed rest and I tried to follow the same. All was going well but when I was in my 26th week of pregnancy, things went out of control and there was no other option other than delivering the baby. Dr Kini was always supportive and tried his best to control the situation and took the best decision in the interest of the baby.[caption id="attachment_22204" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Women suffering from PCOS

Women suffering from PCOS[/caption]My baby had arrived and I was really worried about him. He was so tiny. Then Dr Nandini met us and she explained the situation and instilled confidence in us. Later we met Dr Girish and Dr Kishore and the discussions with them boosted our confidence and hopes of taking our baby home. We spent close to 3 months in NICU. Our baby went through tough times related to breathing difficulties but with the experts like Dr Kishore, Dr Girish and Dr Nandini, no problem seemed unsolvable. They gave their best to help my baby. They were supportive, cooperative and gave us all the information about the treatment. Their positivity was a Plus. The staff at NICU were equally supportive and cooperated with us at all times.Must Read: About Risks, Management, and Treatment of PCOSMy baby is doing good and we are really happy we chose Cloudnine and really thankful that they gave us our sweetest gift ever. We are extremely thankful to Dr Kishore who has been our guide even post-discharge from NICU. Pregnancy is a stressful time, especially when you have a premature baby as we did, and having the support and guidance of experts like Dr Kishore really helped us get through this difficult time.Thanks, Cloudnine!To Book an Appointment