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Of Ages and Stages: The 5 Stages of Child Growth and Development

Unsure of what to expect as your child grows older? This guide has you down.

the next few years, you’ll watch your child undergo a series of metamorphoses, from one phase of life to the next. From birth to infancy and beyond, there are so many developmental milestones reserved for the years to come. Here’s your prelude to parenthood.

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As a new momma, you’ll experience a deep, indelible bond with your baby at birth, with him being entirely dependent on you for nutrition, warmth and comfort. The early months after your child’s birth are crucial for development. Here are some baby milestones.

Your Child Will Begin To...

  • Recognise faces, and coo and babble by 2-4 months
  • Develop motor skills by raising his head while laid on his tummy
  • Admire new colours and shapes
  • Display reflexes like mouth-opening, head-turning and grasping for objects
  • Respond to soft touch

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As your child closes in on his first year, you’ll notice tremendous development from day to day and month to month. By this point, your baby will recognise and call for you and other close family members. He will also make non-verbal expressions.

Your Child Will Begin To...

  • Demonstrate better motor skills and respond better to sound, touch and light
  • Be able to sit up when propped up, but find it challenging staying upright
  • Put things in his mouth at the teething stage (keep sharp objects out of reach)
  • Understand and respond to commonly used words by 7-12 months
  • Try to sit up and walk on his own

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Between the ages of one and three, expect your toddler to turn into a sparky, little hurricane. This is a key developmental phase, one that will showcase your little one’s personality in all its glory. Your toddler will unleash his curiosity, become independent and exhibit a newfound love for exploration. You, in contrast, will likely morph into a  new-age Sherlock Holmes – always in a bid to uncover new mysteries around the house.

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Your Child Will Begin To...

  • Develop a sense of comfort in a disciplined routine, if given one
  • Walk around, unstoppable (with you keeping a close watch no doubt)
  • Enjoy activities like colouring, block building and other motor-skill-building exercises
  • Develop language skills by speaking short, albeit slightly incoherent, sentences

Preschool Stage

By this stage, your baby is hardly a baby anymore (it’s another thing that you will always consider him one). Between 3 and 5 years of age, your child is flourishing into a mind of his own and can participate in conversation. At the preschool level, it’s important that you gain an insight into your child’s progress at school by seeking regular updates from his teachers. In turn, you can work on areas of development at home, and encourage your child to pursue subjects he shows a flair for.

Your Child Will Begin To...

  • Engage in conversation and become a happy little chatterbox
  • Read and enjoy children’s books
  • Unleash his energy by running around and engaging in outdoor exercise (this is important to encourage in the current era of gadgets and gizmos)

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School-going Stage

Between the ages of six and twelve, your child will begin to imbibe influences from the outside world. It’s your job to ground your child and to teach him the right values. With proper hand-holding, you can teach your child to navigate the ways of the world and emerge stronger and wiser.

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Your Child Will Begin To...

  • Develop an interest in sports (if they’re the sporty kind) or other activities that capture their interest
  • Form friendships and engage in social development
  • Exhibit an inclination to be independent (this is perfectly fine if you can trust your child to make their own decisions

As your child grows, you’ll notice new developments everyday, like a slideshow waiting to play out. And while some days will have you sprouting grey hairs, others will reward you in double measure. By staying primed for your child’s early development, you can prepare yourself for what’s to come and make the most of each moment before it’s lost on you forever.

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