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Natural Pain Relief Techniques For Labour

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Natural labour can be exhausting, but it can be just as rewarding. And while pain comes with the territory, there are several techniques you can use to minimise your discomfort and make your labour easier. Here are some natural labour pain relief techniques that can serve as a blessing.

Paced Activity

While it’s well known that paced activity during pregnancy is imperative in keeping your body flexible and agile, what’s not, is that paced activity during contractions can reduce pain and expedite labour. While you may need to rest or lay down during each contraction, you may find being on your feet therapeutic as your contractions become stronger. Consider taking a stroll, sitting on a birthing ball, or gently rocking in a chair.

Water Therapy

Warm water can be a relaxing antidote for labour pain, loosening up muscles, promoting a sense of lightness and relieving the weight in your pelvis. You can take a calming dip in a tub of warm water as your contractions set in, before proceeding to the hospital for your delivery.

Breathing Techniques

There are various breathing techniques you can use to relax during labour. These include concentrating on your breathing, listening to soulful music and practising mindful meditation. Deep breathing during labour can allow you to stay centred and give birth in a peaceful frame of mind.


Aromatherapy inspired by natural oils can invigorate, revive and calm your mind, body and soul. There is evidence that oils like lavender diminish discomfort during labour. Consider infusing essential oils into hot and cool packs, or massage your skin with oils to alleviate your pain.


Reflexology involves massaging reflex zones across the body to enhance blood flow and loosen pressure. The technique can help relieve pain during labour.