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Natural Childbirth: Should You Do It?

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Pregnant woman

Pregnant woman[/caption]Even today a majority of women would prefer a natural childbirth as compared to a C-section and that’s the way living beings were made, to give birth naturally. However, due to complications many women have to opt for a C-section birth. Many a time women wish to avoid the excruciating pain faced during childbirth and hence opt for a C-section.Best maternity doctors near me. Best maternity hospitals near me.

Natural childbirth

Women worry about the pain during childbirth. But it is crucial to understand that the pain of contractions during labour is of much value

  • Nature aids women in finding their own ways of facilitating their child’s birth
  • The pain of each contraction during labour becomes a guide for the mother
  • The actions the woman uses in response to what she goes through during labour help her progress
  • This increases her strength and efficiency during contractions help the baby proceed down the birth canal
  • In case the pain is completely removed, the body system informing the organs regarding the progress of the baby is disrupted
  • Labour in such a case slows down and is rendered less efficient
  • As labor progresses and pain increases, endorphins are released in increasing amounts
  • Endorphins are hormones which are stronger than morphine or any other anesthetics
  • That results in a reduction in the perception of pain
  • Endorphins help in converting the rational thinking mind-set to an instinctive mindset
  • Endorphins bring about a state in women which aids them in managing tasks of birthing
  • In such a case experiences especially individual based experience become more useful than the external environment
  • When labour progresses, the pain of labor increases and women become less aware of their pain, They focus more on the work needed during labour
  • Women seem to have a new beginning or a second awakening and are able to connect with and utilize their inner wisdom
  • A woman’s strength lies in her support system
  • Her support system is her Husband, her family, the doctor, nurses helping her give birth in the hospital or birthing centre or her home
  • Everyone around her trusts her and the process of birth
  • Their strong faith in her and their belief that she has the strength and the wisdom to give birth, carry her through the process of giving birth

The baby is born

  • The mother has her baby in her arms
  • She’s absorbed, enthralled and at peace
  • She’s a proud mother, surprised by the miracle she has brought into life
  • No one need tell her what’s to be done
  • She knows what to do, not because of the lamaze classes and the parenting books she read but because she’s a mother now
  • Her journey with her baby has physically and emotionally prepared both the mother and child this beautiful moment
  • Her newborn on her belly helps her uterus contract and expel the placenta
  • The baby stays warm in its mother's arms
  • It knows what's to be done to survive in its new world
  • It wakes up & looks around
  • It crawls to its mother's breast and attaches itself to her & nurses, while its mother's uterus contracts, ensuring that bleeding will be minimum
  • In a few hours and days, the mother and child get to know each other & are inseparable

Why natural childbirth?

Women find the answer to this question themselves, that is, nature's design works beautifully. Women know how to give birth without machines, anesthetics, and without fear. Women are confident when supported & encouraged by their family. They celebrate the freedom to enter into their own wisdom. Women find deep satisfaction in giving birth naturally. The process itself enables the mother and her baby perfectly connect and carry forward their journey together.