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My Wonderful Experience with Cloudnine!

December 3, 2020

Cloudnine Review by Valerica Chiriac

For the past decade, Cloudnine has been a name to bank upon because of its dedication and commitment to deliver quality service to its patrons. Our state-of-the-art facilities and a team of world-class medical experts, enable us to enhance the pregnancy experience of every mom-to-be.

It feels wonderful when someone appreciates this hard work with his or her feedback.

Below is a review of one of our Cloudnine family members. She has penned down her experience with Cloudnine. Go through her beautiful word, and make out why we are one of the leading maternity chains of hospitals in India.

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A Big Thank You to Cloudnine and Team

From my own experience with Dr Prakash Kini and the staff at Cloudnine, I have no other words than a very big THANK YOU for their great work! As a professional Dr Prakash Kini is as great as the doctors in the UK can be, and even more. Also, I wish God bestow him with good health to allow him to keep up with his workloads, and I wish him all the happiness in the World!

My Story

In May 2010, I was a pregnant European female, newly arrived in India for work, and I had to cope with, what is called – make a living in Bangalore. I had my first child just two months after I set foot in India, on July 2010, and it happened to be the Cradle Delivery Joy, currently Cloudnine.

On this fantastic journey towards motherhood, I was assisted on my last six weeks of pregnancy, by Doctor Prakash Kini, and his team of talented staff.

Why My Story Was Different?

My situation was different as I was a single mother. So, as long as the father of the baby was out of the picture, I did just fine on my own with Dr Prakash Kini, the Cloudnine staff and the woman that I hired to be my ward and to look after the baby when I returned to work (3 weeks after delivery).

Cloudnine Made My Indian Experience Wonderfully

My pregnancy was not easy when I came to Cloudnine, because of pre-eclampsia, new country, new job and lots to do for me. I was in touch with Cloudnine 6 weeks before delivery until I left India, and trust the love and care I received here was something I never imagined.

Dr Prakash Kini made me feel just right during the last stages of my pregnancy, though I had very swollen feet. Just to hear from him, after every check-up that my baby got very strong bones, and I will have a healthy baby, was pleasing to the ears. Plus, his feedback regarding that I did well in my home country for my pregnancy before I got into Cloudnine helped calm my nerves regarding complications. The frequent check-ups from his side and the fact that I was directed to the baby scans until the final call to C-Section, the way he comforted me all this time despite his busy schedule, all this made my pregnancy the best experience ever!

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You have to experience it to understand it. I was not only going through pregnancy; I was going through all the pain on my own in an unknown land, and that is when Cloudnine, Dr Prakash Kini, and the team held my hand to guide me through the entire process. My swollen feet and lower abdomen pain were a challenge that I had to bear. Interestingly, Dr Prakash Kini was more worried about them than I was!

Apart of my pregnancy, I had to deal with personal problems, such as I was on my own, I arrived in India only two months before my delivery, joined a new job with training in the office, had to settle down in terms of accommodation and to visit FRRO beforehand.

On top of that, I was very confident that nothing can go wrong, and that I was in very good hands. The easiest from all the possible challenges was the pleasure of looking, after all, that baby needs after birth.

Another Baby another Experience

Soon, my beautiful daughter, just the same that Dr Prakash Kini helped me to have it in July 2010, will be six years old. After India, I moved to the UK in 2012 and so, my daughter got a baby sister in June 2014. Now, I can talk about my experience of delivering a baby with Cloudnine because I experienced the same thing in two different countries, and both C-Sections were absolutely necessary in my case.

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Suggestions for Expecting Mothers

• I would advise the pregnant mothers to trust their gynaecologist from Cloudnine and follow all that they say.

• Trust the team, for they try their best to ensure the mother is safe and her baby is in her arms.

• Listen to every advice of the team who comes after delivery and to take it from there.

Before I close, I have recommended Cloudnine to all my friends and acquaintances in India. Some of them have informed that they have already experienced the same. But, I won’t stop here, I would continue recommending Cloudnine to every Indian I meet because they deserve every bit of the applause.


Valerica Chiriac

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