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My story of being on Cloudnine: Charlotte Holtz

December 3, 2020

Charlotte Holtz, a Cloudnine Mom who delivered two years ago and now based in London shares her story of her experience at Cloudnine and a short summary of her present picture-perfect life.

“It was an assignment for my husband, Vincent Courbis Poncet- made us come to India and during that time we had to make arrangements for the new arrival of the family.

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Our experience at Cloudnine was very good. I delivered my boy Edouard Courbis Poncet under the care of Dr Shashikala Hande. The care was very good. Something that amazed me was the kind of service; Cloudnine gives for the price factor. It is not that in London we don’t have good hospitals, but for the service like at Cloudnine, it’s not very affordable.

I am a very sensitive person and use to think a lot of Dr Shashikala Hande and Dr Kishore as they took care of me and my baby very well. I wanted to share the pictures of my baby and mine and say ‘hello’ to them. I guess, having my son was the best day of my life so had to remember them.

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Coming to my present life, I now work as a Property Manager for a French estate agency. My Husband is working for Double Negative Studio and Edouard goes to the Nursery called Floral Place Nursery just 5 minutes walk from our home and he is very happy.

He went for the first time to the nursery when he was 20 month, he was fine with me and we had plenty things to do here, but he was asking more and more to play with children. Even I felt that it was the time for him to socialize without his parents :) and he was ready. Thank God – All went smoothly.

Thank You Cloudnine



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