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December 3, 2020

Cloudnine as an innovative hospital celebrates life and has therefore brought yet another initiative that will be of benefit to would-be mothers.

On 21st Jan. at Cloudnine between 11 and 12 noon there was a ‘Music Therapy Session for pregnant women. So women who came here for OPD consultation were surprised to listen to this beautiful performance of improvisation of Euro-Indian music.

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On stage was Ms. Tatjana Novak from Sweden, who is a pianist and an artist and is currently working on her own project that is connected to music and art therapy. It's about how music and art influence our health, quality of life and can help us to create peace and harmony between people, nations, personally and globally from a multicultural perspective.

Accompanying her will be Venkatesh Kirvani and Eugene Savio Noronha. Venkatesh, who plays percussions and tabla, holds a masters degree in tabla and he has collaborated and also performed with different artists of the world, he toured the gulf and Europe including India for universal music shows and telecasts.

Eugene Savio Noronha(Director and Writer of the title song Life at 24/7 from the album JHALAK for 24/7Customer corporate) the first corporate album to be released by an in-house band, in India  Savio attends a lot of seminars and workshops conducted by International Soprano singer Patricia Rozario in affiliation to ‘The Trinity College of London’ to ensure he updates the teaching trends which are used globally.

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