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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 7. Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal

Photographs can serve as valuable mementoes, locking special moments within the four walls of a picture frame. On Cloudnine, we believe that little slivers of sunshine ought to last forever, and as your belly swells like the rising sun, we will strive to chronicle your story as best as possible.That brings us to the seventh element of the It's Our Baby Programme, one we’ve been waiting to unveil with bated breath.

Today we present to you, the Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal, a charm-spangled photo book tailored just for you and your belly.

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

You’re already likely familiar with the It’s Our Baby Programme, but if you’re not, here’s a glimpse inside its glorious trove of elements. A peek inside the It’s Our Baby Programme will present you with a sequence of world-class workshops, events and sessions spanning pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood.

While each of its elements has formed a time-served, celebrated portion of the Cloudnine portfolio for years, the programme as an amalgam of these elements has been pieced together thoughtfully over a decade. We have taken our time crafting the It’s Our Baby Programme, collecting inspiration and ideas from prominent maternity programmes around the world. Ten years into our journey, we reckon it was worth the wait.

Element 7: Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal

a happy sleeping baby[/caption]On Cloudnine, we like to immortalise special moments. And our Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal is an ode to this precious thought. Through your pregnancy, your belly will be a glorious harbour of marked milestones and special moments.

And as you discover each one, the Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal will help you build a collection of memories you can look back on later.

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Here’s a look at the features of the Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal.

  • Content

The Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal is a maternity diary that includes milestone markers, picture frames and letter leaves for you to fill. The journal is your window to record special moments and milestones.

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  • Customisable and Expandable

Make your journal your own by adding as many extra pages as you like. Collect letters from extended family members, dedicate stories to your baby and document photos of your growing belly. These moments are gold and deserve a special place in your story.

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  • Photo Series by G. K. Vale

The It’s Our Baby Programme offers you three professional photoshoots organised by G. K. Vale, spread over your second and third trimesters. You will be gifted your two favourite photographs from each shoot that you can use to fill the pages of your Cloudnine Pregnancy Journal. And perhaps, a spare wall in your home.

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The Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal binds the It’s Our Baby Programme together, illuminating each stage through priceless photographs and notes, linking you to treasured moments lost in time. Bank your memories in your very own Cloudnine Pregnancy Photo Journal; it’s the best kind of safe deposit there is.

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