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Monsoon Mantras: 5 Pregnancy Care Tips for a Blissful Rainy Season

December 3, 2020

There’s infectious magic about monsoon. The dewy windowsills, the wet-weather pathways and the lush breezy harmonies that whisper to your walls. Add to it the thrill of pregnancy, and you have a season of memories waiting to be made.

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As you set out to embrace the glorious cloud-kissed skies this rainy season, give your belly the best of the monsoon by keeping safe and secure against germs, bacteria and dehydration. Here are some tips to help you celebrate your belly and the rains with equal gusto.

Pay Heed to Your Plate

“Be careful with what you eat”, “Eat responsibly; you’re eating for two”, Don’t eat that; it’s raw!, yada yada yada. If you’ve been experiencing well-meaning advice in surround sound, it’s for good reason. Cliché as it is, a healthy diet is a vital part of pregnancy, but even more so during the rainy season. The body’s natural immunity moves down a notch during monsoon; not so great news considering the rains bring their fair share of infections and diseases. Adopt a protein-rich diet to optimise your nutritional intake. Also, stick to home-cooked meals and fresh foods. Take veggies like spinach and cabbage off your shopping list as these run a high risk of contamination.

Avoid Street side Food

As delectable as they may seem, don’t be lured by roadside fruit, chaat and snacks. Raw street foods may contain contaminated water, be subject to questionable hygiene and carry bacteria; not something you want to risk when there’s a precious babe in your belly. Instead, satisfy your chaat cravings at home with homemade chutneys, filtered water and packaged ingredients. A hygienically made treat can be a blessing for your taste buds and your tummy.

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Ward Off Mosquitoes

Pregnant or not, mosquitoes can be pesky little creatures. As potential carriers of dangerous diseases, it becomes all the more important to keep them at bay during pregnancy. Monsoons can give rise to stagnant bodies of water that serve as powerful breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Safeguard yourself during the rains by using a mosquito repellent, fastening a mosquito net over your bed and laying out mosquito coils or electric machines.

Wear Anti-Skid Shoes

With all the extra pregnancy weight, you may find your centre of gravity shifting. This is why it becomes important to invest in sturdy, anti-skid shoes. Also, pay special attention to slippery outdoor surfaces and take measured steps. A slip or fall could be dangerous for you and your blossoming baby, and being hyper-aware can pay in the long run.

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Give Special Importance to Personal Hygiene

Pregnancy can be a wake-up call if you’re lackadaisical in the hygiene department. By having a bath daily and using hardworking disinfectants, you can wash off any infections, bacteria and microbes before they have a chance to enter your body. And why stop there? Turn your bath time routine into an indulgent, old-world-inspired daily ritual by adding fresh neem leaves to your bathwater for added fragrance and protection.

This monsoon, revel in the rains and immerse yourself in the change of season. Catch the raindrops on your fingertips and relearn the art of making paper boats, make warm, toasty corn cobs in your kitchen and watch showers cascade over car tops. And as you do, think forward to next year, to when you’ll have a cherubic, apple-cheeked companion to complement your incurable rain-loving soul.

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