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Moms never give up, their tenacity could move mountains

December 3, 2020

The ongoing pandemic is taking a toll on all of us. However, if one sect of people is the worst affected by it, it would be pregnant women all over the world. Pregnancy in itself is a very trying time, and nobody expects a pandemic to come and add to the stress.

On Cloudnine, We Know Moms and we understand the anxiety that a new mother goes through during such a stressful period. We have immense respect for all the lovely ladies out there who are braving through the pandemic with a heart of steel to protect the new life that they hold inside their womb. The future generations can only be full of pride that they get to call such fierce ladies “Mom”.

Cloudnine, Bangalore recently had the opportunity to play host to one such Mom Warrior, Asharani K., a  Kannada speaking resident of Bengaluru, Asharani K is a working mom. Having completed her education at Bangalore University, she now works at Hudson’s Bay Company. She delivered her baby on Cloudnine Bengaluru, under the supervision of Dr. Meeta Chawhan, who is one of the best gynecologists in the country, having completed countless successful deliveries in her long career.

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Amidst her busy schedule, Asharani took out some time and answered all the questions that we had for her. We were awestruck by her grace and jovial nature. She believes that parenthood is among the best joys of life and was quite excited to share her experience with us.

We would like to share some excerpts from the friendly one on one we shared with Asharani, on Cloudnine.

1. Tell us about yourself and how your family has supported you during this period.

Although, I was very excited to become a mother, I was worried due to the global pandemic, which proved to be a very big threat to the world. However, my family was very supportive and caring during this difficult time. I must mention, especially, my husband, who truly proved to be my “better half”. He was around me all the time, taking care of me. My whole family was very cooperative, and they stopped going outside to provide a safe environment for me and the little one inside me.

2. What were your reasons for choosing Cloudnine?

I personally believe that the doctor plays a key role when it comes to a smooth pregnancy journey. Therefore, when I discovered about my pregnancy, I decided to leave no stone unturned to make sure that I could get my baby delivered by the best doctor in town. The medical fraternity at Cloudnine seemed very impressive to me and fulfilled all my criteria. Therefore, I decided to have my baby on Cloudnine, Bengaluru, under the supervision of Dr. Meeta Chawhan.

3. How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

I had a spectacular experience with Cloudnine. From day one, I received good service and care at the hospital, provided by the doctor and the support staff there. Due to the threat of the ongoing pandemic, they took every measure possible to ensure hygiene and safety, conducting routine check-ups, and maintaining the norms of social distancing.

They introduced a number of services during this lockdown, such as video consultation, doorstep delivery of medicines, and home collection of samples for lab tests, to name a few. This allowed me to get quality treatment sitting in the comfort of my home. It truly felt like Cloudnine cares like a mother.

4. Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff.

Cloudnine has been ranked India's #1 Gynecology and Pediatrics hospital, and rightly so. They really have the best doctors and staff. My doctor, Meeta Chawhan is really a wonderful woman. She has a way with her patients where she simply speaks to them and using her words, she prepares them mentally for the delivery process. I really admire this quality she has. My delivery process went very well even in this lockdown situation and I have only the doctors and support staff at Cloudnine to thank for this. The doctors, nurses, and other staff were always available for any help that I may have needed and provided the best of their service.

My pediatric doctor, Naveen R B maintains good hygiene conditions and is extremely informative. He explains the situation to the parents really well and treats the baby nicely. These things have a really positive impact on first-time parents, who are quite clueless about the entire procedure.

5. Please share some inspiring words for pregnant ladies, given the current situation.

Ladies, I would advise you to please stay at home and be safe. Be strong, and utilize the various facilities that are given by the hospital if the physical consultation is not required. You have chosen the best hospital that you could have opted for in Bengaluru, so just sit back and relax, while the fraternity at Cloudnine provides the best care for you and your baby!

We are glad to hear that you loved your experience with us on Cloudnine. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your inspiring journey and wish you all the best for the beautiful journey that you are going to embark upon!

Cloudnine loves you, and is always here for you!

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