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Medically Terminated Pregnancies: What To Expect

December 8, 2023

Being pregnant can be a matter of great joy - but not always will you be able to continue with it. The reasons might be different - it could be an unwanted pregnancy or might need to be terminated either because of your health condition or because of abnormalities in the fetus.

There are many ways to terminate a pregnancy and in this blog, we will discuss these methods, and what would be suitable for you.


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Abortions are usually when the mother/parents-to-be voluntarily wish to end the pregnancy. The methods used for abortions typically depend on how advanced the pregnancy is.

Medically Terminated Pregnancy

These are usually referred to as MTPs and are generally opted for when the mother or the baby are in some sort of crisis. One of the most common reasons why MTPs are done is because of unsatisfactory fetal growth, multiple pregnancies where one fetus is not growing well enough, or other developmental challenges.

For both, the process is pretty similar but the type depends on how far along the pregnancy is. To determine this, you will have to go through an ultrasound that will indicate the gestational age of the fetus. Apart from that, there will be other screenings like a blood test, a pregnancy test and a physical examination. You will also be tested for STDs. Once all these tests are done, you will have the following options:

  1. Vacuum aspiration if you are in your first trimester
  2. Dilation and curettage (D&C) if you are further along than that

While these are some of the most common methods of medically terminating a pregnancy, we believe that a procedure that’s so emotionally draining out needs to be simplified.

We have adapted a faster, pain-free, incision-free method to medically terminate a pregnancy. For pregnancies under 12 weeks, we administer medication and monitor you for a few hours before we allow you to go home. For advanced pregnancies also, we administer medication but you will remain in observation for a slightly longer period.

Depending on how advanced the pregnancy is, you might need to go for curettage and a scan to confirm that all pregnancy remains have been expelled.


These procedures would not require you to stay back in the hospital, but you will be expected to return after a month or so for your follow-up, also to ensure that you are not pregnant anymore. During recovery, it’s essential that you steer away from lifting heavy objects and watch out for fever or any abnormal discharge/heavy bleeding.

It’s typically suggested that you abstain from sex for about a month or so and the same goes with inserting tampons as well. These procedures generally do not affect fertility, but it’s best to consult with your doctor if you are planning to start a family.

Any form of abortion could have a big psychological impact. It’s necessary to have a solid emotional support around you and if need be, you should consider counseling as well. Please talk to your doctor to understand what are the things that could help you through this process.

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