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5 Ways Dad-to-be Can Help You With Maternity Clothes

December 3, 2020

It’ll happen suddenly: her pants will no longer button.  This is a bittersweet day for your lovely wife.  She is thrilled that your baby is growing inside her but sad that her perfectly-fitting Saturday night jeans will be out of commission for 6-8 months time.

When this happens,  it’s time to buy some maternity clothes. Now, I know some pregnant women just buy several inexpensive oversized outfits, and they can generally make due for those for a while, but eventually, regardless of who they are, they’ll need to buy maternity clothes.

Now you’re probably wondering how you, the expectant daddy, play a role in your wife’s maternity wardrobe? And I’m here to help!

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Top 5 Tips All Daddy-To-Be’s Need

1. Be Bump Proud

When your wife begins noticing her growing bump, first and foremost: be her rock and embrace the moment with her.  Tell her seeing the bump makes you love her just that much more and that she’s never looked more beautiful – and be sincere.  

Ask her to show it off by wearing something more form-fitting and letting the bump push out under the clothes

2. Be Mindful That Wearing Maternity Clothes and Carrying Around a Baby Is Something You’ll Never Have to Do!

Be accepting. After all, your wife is growing your new baby inside her.  And since this is something that you cannot  (and will not have to) do yourself,  you need to be 150% supportive of the process.

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3. Shop With Her

When your wife is ready to go shopping for maternity clothes, offer to go along with her. Speaking from experience, you might as well get used to it, because over the next 6-8 months you are going to be doing a lot of shopping – not just for maternity clothes, but also for baby clothes, baby furniture, toys, and other miscellaneous items.

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4. Turn a Blind Eye When It Comes to the Bill

I’m telling you now, maternity clothes are expensive, so don’t get sticker shock or become upset in the checkout line. Think of it as an investment. Sure, she will only be wearing them for 6 months now, but maybe you’ll have more children in which case your wife will be able to get lots of wear out of the clothes.

There are also some great “worn-once” type stores that have designer names and labels and very high-quality clothes for a fraction of the original cost, and those can be great resources.

As well, you may know some other friends or family members who have already gone through the process and may have some maternity clothes they’d like to share. Be creative and have fun shopping for maternity wear.

5. Buy Her Something She’ll Look (and Feel) Good Wearing

If you really want to score brownie points, here is my suggestion to you: once your wife makes the decision to start wearing maternity clothes, pick out one or two outfits for her. Wrap them up nicely and give them her to that night. She will certainly appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and it just might make wearing those maternity clothes a little more enjoyable for her.

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