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Love my daughter Ariana, Thank you Dr Mukta

December 3, 2020

We were in the US and it was our first baby. Till the 7th month, we had regular visits in Phelsps, NY. Our baby's due date was in winters, so my wife decided to bear the baby in India. Luckily Cloud Nine, Malleswaram was near her parental home in Bangalore. So, in her 7th month, we decided to go to India.

She was given good care by Dr Mukta Nadig and Cloud nine. Dr Mukta made us feel very comfortable in the first meeting itself. She studied the reports we brought from Phelps and continued excellent treatment for my wife. We knew we were in good hands. She took care of my wife and gave her prenatal medicines and helped her with weight issues and useful advice.

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On Jan, 13 12:00 am our baby daughter, Ariana, was born. Dr Mukta and the nurses helped my wife and took care of her. We could have a natural birth and my wife was very brave. I admire the patience and help given by the doctor and the nurses. I admire and love my brave wife, Sandhya.

It was a great emotional experience having our baby daughter. She is such an angel and we just adore her. Now she's 3 and a half months and a very sweet baby.

Thank you,

Dr Mukta and Cloudnine.

Hari & Sandhya

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