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Look And Behold, The Arrival Of A Newborn!

December 3, 2020

Carrying a baby in your womb for nine months and then having a safe delivery to finally holding the little one in your arms is a journey that many women cherish. Cloudnine wants to make sure that every mom has this experience and is free from any anxiety or stress during this life-changing experience. However, with the lockdown and the global pandemic situation, many expecting mothers became stressed.

Cloudnine stepped up to the challenge with a video consultation with specialists because on Cloudnine We Know Moms. This helps put anticipating mothers at ease and even allowed them to enjoy this special time feeling pampered and looked after.

Siri Jayatheertha from Bangalore was in a similar situation when she was in her 8th month. She was worried about the Government rules ordaining that besides the spouse no other family support would be allowed into the hospital. Being her first time, she was not sure whether she would be able to go through this experience without the support of her best friend, her mom.

Cloudnine put her fears to rest. Dr. Leela Bhagavan ensured that Siri was able to stay anxiety-free by answering all her queries, even in the middle of the night!

According to Siri, “The sentence I was hearing all day long was 'Don't be afraid, we are there for you'”. She gave birth to a healthy young girl and is now enjoying her time with the little one. Cloudnine values each mother and ensures that she receives every bit of care and attention. With top-notch specialists on call along with state-of-the-art facilities, expecting mothers can expect only another Mother’s home at Cloudnine.

Good News! Now you can Avail Home Vaccination Sevices for babies

Even after the delivery, you can consult our experienced Paediatricians on video consultation to clear any doubts about your little angel’s health.  Cloudnine takes maternity care very seriously it understands the needs of new moms Like A Mother and strives to offer the best possible care to the mother and the little one.

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