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Live Performance by Eugene Savio Noronha @ Cloudnine

December 3, 2020

On a sunny Saturday morning, parents and would-be-moms were greeted to a wonderful one-hour music session that caught most of them surprised. Eugene Savio Noronha, the musician who was performing live at Cloudnine Jayanagar captivated the audience with his soulful numbers for all, at the lobby from 11-12 noon. This was one of the innovative customer connect initiatives begun by Cloudnine. We hope that this would be of interest to many parents and would-be-moms and we can organize more such sessions at other Cloudnine centres as well.

About Savio Noronha- Music therapy is the field in which Savio is currently involved in. He is the director and writer of the title song “Life at 24/7” from the album “Jhalak”. He attends a lot of seminars and workshops conducted by International Soprano singer Patricia Rozario in affiliation to ‘The Trinity College of London’ to ensure he updates the teaching trends which are used globally. Savio has cut albums for children and has been a support for numerous music-related activities at Cloudnine hospitals.