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Life comes with a mother and that’s all you need

December 3, 2020

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside; when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”

Every day in life, we come across more and more examples of how mothers play a crucial role in all of our lives. Be it participating in the hunt for the lost sock or the shoulder you need to cry on, mums provide us with everything we need. However, they begin to do so much before we begin to realize it. They care for us, fight against adversity, and brave through all the pain their body goes through, just to show us the light of day.

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For this, we on Cloudnine have immense respect for mothers and bow down to them. Mothers-to-be in the current day are facing additional adversity as well, on top of the issues of internal discomfort and stress: the issue of a global pandemic. With a pandemic on the loose, mothers all over the nation are fighting all adversity to safely bring their little bundles of joy to the world.

Team Cloudnine brings to you the story of one such Warrior Mom, Pooja Singh. Pooja, originally hailing from Aurangabad, is a Hindi speaking working professional who currently resides in Bengaluru with her family. She recently delivered a healthy and happy baby on Cloudnine Bengaluru, under the supervision of Dr. Puja Rathi. Dr. Rathi is one of the finest among the medical team present on Cloudnine Bengaluru.

After her delivery, we had the opportunity to get in touch with Pooja for a candid conversation about her experience of the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Pooja was a delight to converse with, as she spoke about her journey towards parenthood with a broad smile on her face. Let’s see what Pooja had to say about her journey with us on Cloudnine.

Cloudnine: Tell us about yourself. How did your family support you through the entire journey?

Pooja: Being a working professional, it was very difficult for me to maintain my work-life balance. This was especially noticeable throughout my last trimester of pregnancy. However, my friends and family made it somewhat easier for me to make it through these difficult times. They have always kept me motivated and guided me through this wonderful journey.

Cloudnine: What made you pick Cloudnine over all other hospitals in the city?

Pooja: I had heard a lot about the medical fraternity on Cloudnine Bengaluru, and so I decided to give it a try. I researched the medical faculty of Cloudnine online, and I was extremely impressed. During my pregnancy too, I noticed that the doctors and other support staff at the hospital were very caring and attentive towards me, even with all that is going on. After delivering my baby there, I must say I am glad I made the right choice with Cloudnine! It truly cares like a mom.

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Cloudnine: How would you describe your experience on Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Pooja: As we all know, the current situation is not very favorable. We were very worried about whether sufficient safety measures were being taken or not. However, thanks to the preventive protocols and safety measures that were taken by Cloudnine hospital, I was reassured and my delivery was extremely safe. Both my baby and I are doing great, all thanks to the facilities provided by Cloudnine. We were very thankful for the pick and drop facility that the hospital provided; it was quite useful for us.

Apart from the services mentioned by Pooja, Cloudnine also provides a number of additional services to make pregnancy easier for women associated with Cloudnine during this lockdown.

These services include video consultations with doctors, online antenatal classes, doorstep delivery of medicines, vaccination for babies at home, and collection of samples from home for lab testing, to name a few. On Cloudnine, we know moms, and how stressful a period of pregnancy can be. So, we try our best to provide the best to every mom here on Cloudnine.

Cloudnine: Describe your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff on Cloudnine, especially given the current circumstances.

Pooja: I am extremely thankful to my doctor, Dr. Puja Rathi. She was more like a friend than a doctor. She was very patient with me, and answered all my queries and cleared all my doubts as many times as I needed her to do so. Being a first-time mom, this was really helpful for me, since I had no idea about how to go about anything related to a baby.

The support staff on Cloudnine was equally helpful. Starting from routine check-ups to guiding me about the basics of what to do for a newborn baby, they really went the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable and not anxious about anything. Additionally, they are very caring and friendly, which really helped me be at ease.

Cloudnine: Do you have any words of advice for other pregnant women and moms-to-be on Cloudnine?

Pooja: Ladies, the main thing about pregnancy is that you must keep faith in yourself. Surrender yourself to the beautiful experience, and let the experts work their magic. You have already made the best choice possible with Cloudnine Bengaluru, so rest assured, you can sit back and relax because your pregnancy will be the smoothest ever! I did it, and I’m very confident that you can too!

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had.” - Linda Wooten

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Pooja! We are glad you enjoyed your time here on Cloudnine, Bengaluru. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful journey towards parenthood. You were an absolute delight to host and we wish you all the best for your future with your lovely little baby. We hope to see you revisit Cloudnine soon again. Good luck!

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