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Kindred Bellies: Why It's Important to Lean On Other Expectant Mothers Through Pregnancy

December 3, 2020

As an expectant millennial momma, it’s almost normal to want to keep the internet in your pocket. You know, for those times that you need virtual validation for that pinch in your belly or pain in your back. The internet can offer valuable pieces of advice on maternity and motherhood, making for a nice replacement for that neighbourhood aunty desperate to offer unwanted pregnancy tidbits. If you’re the sort to Google every pregnancy symptom that life throws at you, lean over and reach a little farther on the world wide web. Pregnancy forums, here’s looking at you.

The Value of Pregnancy Forums

It’s natural to wonder about weight gain, hot flushes and cravings while you’re pregnant. Hey, you may even be concerned about body changes. An episode of spotting, for instance, is nobody’s idea of a good day. Such experiences can be terrifying and isolating and yet, many women choose to bottle up these concerns, releasing them periodically to their doctor in the privacy of a consultation room. Pregnancy forums and communities are a great way to fill those gaps, allowing you to bump into other mommas-to-be, seek advice and discuss concerns and worries. Leaning on and supporting other women experiencing similar events can be wonderfully synergistic, offering you a platform to forge friendships far beyond pregnancy. In time, these women will become your inner circle, your birthing buddies and your mentors in motherhood. And you, theirs.

Reasons to Join a Pregnancy Forum

If you haven’t yet considered joining a pregnancy and parenting forum online, we’re here to convince you otherwise.

Reason 1. Receive Pregnancy Advice From Fellow Mommas

It’s one thing to follow advice from your doctor, but to actually hear pregnancy tips and suggestions from other mommas experiencing the same beats and motions as you, can be reassuring. Postural advice, tips to beat morning sickness, nutrition guidance and exercise suggestions are best received from those who have practised it first hand. Some of the best pregnancy tips you receive may be from these baby-bellied souls, so keep your heart open to them.

Reason 2. Seek and Give Emotional Support

Pregnancy may swirl up a hive of hormones within you, making you a certified touch-me-not mope. Turning to other women who are experiencing a similar seesaw in emotions can be comforting. You may also need emotional upliftment through specific experiences while you’re expecting. An untimely bleed, cramps or continual vomiting may have you concerned, and hearing other women who have gone through similar episodes can lend you assurance that you will get through this.

Reason 3. Forge Lifelong Friendships

These mommas you see? Many of them will jump from being digital screen names to real people after this great adventure you have taken. You will be bound by a unique bond, from bump to baby and beyond, sharing the same life stages together. You will soon go from discussing morning sickness and back pain to teething and potty training. And then before you know it, you’ll be contemplating creative ways to contain adolescent hormones. These friendships will hold you in good stead. Nurture them now. The mom community is one of the most powerful circles on the internet, woven together by kindred spirits and blooming bellies. Choose a community you feel vested in, and find women you feel comfortable sharing with.

If you don’t feel safe revealing your identity, choose an anonymous screen name to share your story. Over time, you can connect individually with some women over email, to discuss updates that are specific to you and your family. How you choose to engage is up to you, but remember to be safe and protect your privacy at every stage. Hang your hat on others’ journeys and experiences. Tomorrow, you’ll be thankful for this support and sisterhood.

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