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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 8. Postnatal Fitness Assessment

Your belly serves as a safe haven for your baby through your pregnancy. Along with your baby, it harbours stories of its own, sparked by nine months of somersaults and sunshine. A little universe unto its own, if you will. When your baby makes her way into the world, the hollow in your belly takes a while to adjust to its new state of being. But adjust it does, in good time. In the weeks that follow your delivery, your body undergoes subtle changes. Your belly retreats, your retained water reserves diminish and your body begins to assume its original form.

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Today, as we break open the chest of wonders that constitute the It’s Our Baby Programme, we introduce to you, the postnatal physiotherapy assessment on Cloudnine. The postnatal physiotherapy assessment forms a crucial part of the fabric that upholds the It’s Our Baby Programme. Through the programme, a dedicated physiotherapist leads your body to restoration by custom-creating a fitness plan just for you. Welcome to wellness, new momma.

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The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

Before we plunge into the postnatal fitness assessment, allow us to round up the tenets that form the It’s Our Baby Programme.

The It’s Our Baby Programme is a unique series of gold-standard workshops, events and sessions extending from early pregnancy to early motherhood. The programme is a labor of love, crafted by acclaimed experts on Cloudnine using insights sourced over the past ten years.

We have been slow and steady in building a resolute repertoire of maternity elements, designed to carry an expectant mommy all the way through to delivery and beyond. We believe that perfect moments take time to build, and we’ve been successful in pursuing that endeavour.

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Element 8: Postnatal Physiotherapy Assessment

As far as your health is concerned, the first few weeks after your delivery ought to be devoted to reinvigorating your joints, muscles and organs. Fortifying your core is an essential step before starting an intensive fitness routine.

The postnatal physiotherapy assessment is usually scheduled around the sixth week after your delivery. During the consultation, your physiotherapist will review details regarding your pregnancy and delivery, your medical history, your bladder and bowel health, your muscle and joint functioning and your exercise history.

You will also be led into a discussion centre around your exercise goals and the regime you intend to pursue post-delivery.

The assessment will entail the following steps:

Step 1. Pelvic Examination

Your physiotherapist will examine your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Step 2. Evaluation of Rectus Abdominus Diastasis

It is typical for abdominal muscles to expand during pregnancy, creating a gulf between the outermost muscles.  This is called rectus abdominus diastasis. If your physiotherapist notices signs pointing to rectus abdominus diastasis, you may be advised measures on how to bridge the gap.

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This is crucial before you start a fitness regime, to stop the development of conditions like urinary incontinence, back pain and uterine prolapse. The postnatal physiotherapy assessment is a vital juncture that allows your physiotherapist to explore a variety of suitable treatment, exercise and rehabilitation plans for you. The It’s Our Baby Programme lays a foundation for magical mommy moments in the wake of your delivery. Be ready to chase as many as you can by being the fittest version of yourself.

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