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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 6. Lamaze Session

Lamaze is a beautiful blend of gentle exercises, breathing routines and postural applications designed to ease labour and alleviate pain. When we were designing the It’s Our Baby Programme, we were certain that Lamaze had to occupy a prime spot. With every element of the programme pointed towards D-day, it was only apt after all.

So far, over the last month, we have unveiled five of the ten elements that make up the It’s Our Baby Programme. Today, we give you the sixth.

Say hello to Lamaze.

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

The It’s Our Baby Programme is an umbrella of award-winning workshops, events and sessions created and curated by seasoned specialists on Cloudnine. The programme is designed to extend through pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood.

Over the past decade, a devoted team on Cloudnine has been immersed in crafting an avant-garde maternity programme inspired by some of the best programmes in the world. The It’s Our Baby Programme has taken ten years to perfect and present, and has been designed keeping you and your partner in mind. Because as they say, the best things come in pairs.

Element 6: Lamaze Sessions

Lamaze is a well-crafted blend of exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques, designed to ease labour and promote a natural birth. The practice, whose origins are deep-rooted in France, has flourished across the world as a superior method of preparation for childbirth, and rests on the following principles.

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Lamaze Breathing Techniques

The Lamaze programme pivots on unique breathing techniques that aid in ensuring a smooth labour. Essentially, the Lamaze method channels the body’s energy into a controlled inhalation routine, drawing some of the pain associated with labour, away.

Staying Active

Lamaze encourages you to be active throughout your pregnancy, by employing conducive exercises and relaxation methods.

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Partner’s Involvement

Lamaze involves the participation of both partners, because each partner plays an important part in the road to childbirth. The role of each partner is designated in the Lamaze programme, ensuring that you know what to do when D-day finally rolls around. Through our customised Lamaze programme on Cloudnine, we’ll sail you and your partner through each beat of the Lamaze routine. We’ll use a combination of massage therapies, breathing techniques and tools to work you through a labour simulation.

The It’s Our Baby Programme comes with one complimentary Lamaze session, which you can opt to take in your eighth month of pregnancy. And you can always ask for more sessions if you’d like. Lamaze is a coveted treasure offered by few hospitals in India. Luckily, we’ve got your share reserved for you on Cloudnine.

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