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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 5. Lactation Sessions

As we open our trunk of marvels to draw out the next element we’d like to introduce you to in the It’s Our Baby Programme, our fingers unwittingly touch a canister holding a precious, potent elixir. As we lift the lid, we inhale a wondrous warmth. And we immediately think of you.

It’s little wonder that we decided to include this powerful liquid in the purview of the It’s Our Baby Programme. It’s a magical form of love that can instantly bind a new mommy to her baby in those early days. As someone wise once said, “Breastmilk is love turned into food.” Rather extraordinary when you think about it.

Through this last month, we’ve already presented you with the first four ingredients of the It’s Our Baby Programme: the Prenatal Workshop, the Prenatal Fitness + Nutrition Programme, the Baby Shower and the Management of Baby Affairs programme.

Today, we take a closer look at our canister of liquid gold. But before we introduce you to our lactation consultations, we’d like to refresh your memory with the main pillars of the It’s Our Baby Programme.

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

celebrating parent journey[/caption]The maternity experience on Cloudnine is thoughtfully enveloped in an inclusive programme called the It’s Our Baby Programme. The programme is an amalgam of workshops, events and sessions, generously spangled through pregnancy and early motherhood. The programme is a culmination of ten years of superior service in the maternity and neonatal space by Cloudnine.

Infused with best practices and avant-garde elements from maternity programmes around the world, the It’s Our Baby Programme is a promise to make your journey to motherhood memorable. This trip is best enjoyed alongside your partner. Jump aboard for an experience of a lifetime. Here’s your ticket for two.

Element 5: Lactation Sessions

Breastfeeding can catalyse your bond with your baby, adding heart to your days as a new mommy. It’s important to know how to breastfeed the right way, something many new moms lose their way over in the days following childbirth. Through our lactation consultations, we’ll spotlight techniques, postures and tips pertaining to breastfeeding. These sessions are spread over four separate consultations; two in the latter part of your pregnancy, around your seventh month, and two in the first month after your delivery.

Here are some of the elements that will be included.

Breast Examination

Your expert lactation consultant will examine your breast to check on your readiness for breastfeeding.

Importance of Your Baby’s First Feed

It’s important that you breastfeed your newborn within the golden hour of birth. You’ll learn about the golden hour and more during your consultations.

Common Challenges and Doubts

Preparing yourself for breastfeeding is the best way to overcome potential challenges. Your lactation consultant will serve as your sounding board, volleying your doubts, questions and concerns as they arise.

Maternity Leave

Your lactation consultant will help you review how soon you can get back to work while still breastfeeding. You will also be introduced to methods pertaining to pumping and storage of milk, that will aid your transition.

On Cloudnine, our lactation sessions have served as little blessings for new moms across India. They have helped thousands of moms overcome deep-seated fears and embrace the wonder that is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a miracle that every mom ought to experience. Even you, new momma.

With the It’s Our Baby Programme, we ensure that every mom has an equal chance at breastfeeding, no matter what.

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