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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 3. Baby Shower

The It’s Our Baby Programme binds Cloudnine’s greatest treasures together, providing you with the best possible experiences along your pregnancy journey. Over the past week, we have unfurled a part of the fabric that this beautiful programme has been cast against. Today, we peel back a little more. On Cloudnine, big milestones and little moments are equally laced with sunshine and spirit. We take celebrations very seriously, and our Baby Shower is tangible proof of that, serving as the crown jewel of the It’s Our Baby Programme.

Before we dig deeper into what the Baby Shower has to offer you, allow us to give you a quick recap of the It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine.

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

The It’s Our Baby Programme is a sterling maternity programme that stretches from early pregnancy to early motherhood. The programme has been ten years in the making, and for good reason. A great deal of thought and care has gone into aligning its elements with those of the best maternity programmes in the world. The It’s Our Baby Programme is an amalgam of workshops, sessions and events, crafted thoughtfully to ease you and your partner into the ways of early parenthood. Now, without further ado, let the revelry begin.

Element 3: Baby Shower

A Baby Shower on Cloudnine is a spectacular affair, thrown especially in your honour. Bedecked with sunny ornaments and bestrewn with unending ebullience, you’ll witness a magnificent merry-go-round of fun events, lucky draws, gorgeous gifts and personalised portraitures of you and your family. We will throw the doors of your Baby Shower open in your sixth month of pregnancy.

Now that we’ve lifted the lid partway, let’s take a peek inside.


Our carefully pieced together gift basket holds a universe of goodness within its folds. Each basket carries a superior selection of indulgent gifts, to create flashes of delight through the remainder of your pregnancy.

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Our Baby Showers are studded with enjoyable, exuberant games. While some will offer you solo participation, others will have you partnering with your spouse. What better way to build team spirit on the road up to D-day?


A customised portraiture can serve as a special souvenir of a just as special day. Hop over to the Cloudnine photo booth to have a seasoned in-house photographer click a lovely photograph of you and your partner!

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Our lucky draw is a sensational spectacle with gifts worth Rs. 10,000 thrown into the mix. It’s little wonder that it is always the centrepiece of the Baby Shower.

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Our Baby Showers are charming, delightful retreats, ideal for sneaking away from the daily humdrum with your partner and celebrating your beguiling belly. With the It’s Our Baby Programme, you’ll have more maternity moments to cherish for a lifetime than you ever thought possible.

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