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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 2. Prenatal Fitness + Nutrition

The It’s Our Baby Programme is the newest addition to Cloudnine’s quiver of world-class packages. A few days ago, we told you all about the initiative and how it fits into the Cloudnine service bouquet. If you missed our big announcement, allow us to jump over and take you through our latest, most precious programme yet.

Say hello to the It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine.

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The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

The It’s Our Baby Programme is a gem-spangled maternity programme that brackets your pregnancy from conception through to delivery and beyond. For Cloudnine, the programme is a product of ten years of exemplary expertise in the maternity and neonatal space. Composed of workshops, sessions and events, the It’s Our Baby Programme is designed to carry you and your partner through pregnancy, to be more informed, better prepared parents.

We’ve already told you about the first element of the It’s Our Baby Programme: the Prenatal Workshop. Now, we present to you, the second: the Prenatal Fitness + Nutrition Programme on Cloudnine.

Element 2: The Prenatal Fitness + Nutrition Programme

On Cloudnine, our ethos is deep-seated in embracing uniqueness. We see each guest differently and everything we do mirrors this precious philosophy. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, our custom-made programmes are designed in line with your medical history, your needs and potential future risks. Now, with our world-class app-based exercise module, you can practise tailored exercise routines in the comfort of your home.

Here’s opening Cloudnine’s trunk of fun prenatal exercises.


Once your physiotherapist has designed a customised fitness plan for you, your routine will be uploaded to your fitness app. This way, you can exercise anywhere, anytime and your progress will be continually monitored by a designated physiotherapist.

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine supplies you with unlimited workout sessions on the exercise app.


Your plate is a mirror of the nutrients you are passing on to your baby. A keenly designed nutrition plan can not only fulfil your nutritional needs, but can also alleviate morning sickness, help you overcome medical conditions like gestational diabetes and high or low blood pressure, keep risks associated with low birth weight at bay and keep your baby healthy.

The It’s Our Baby Programme offers you an unlimited number of nutrition sessions with your nutritionist. We recommend that you begin your nutrition consultations just as you cross into your second trimester.


Our prenatal yoga programmes are deftly designed to slip mothers-to-be into a gentle, gradual exercise regime during pregnancy. Yoga can work wonders for your baby’s mental and physical development, stimulate your reproductive organs and pelvis, augment the flow of blood and nutrients to your developing baby and aid in giving you a smooth pregnancy and a natural delivery. We toss one complimentary yoga session into your basket of goodies as part of the It’s Our Baby Programme, but you can always ask for more classes!

Prenatal yoga is best done after your third month of pregnancy.Good fitness and nutrition can be a magical combination during pregnancy and postpartum. Luckily, our It’s Our Baby Programme has you covered all the way.

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